May 31, 2014



My challenge to the DENIERS - those who contend that the Earth is not warming, CO2 is not rising and Mankind is not responsible for the increase in this CO2 and the warming that is resulting from that increase.

If you do not believe that Global Warming is happening take this test - watch these 7 short videos and post your objections with proof. Where is this evidence of change incorrect? What is the flaw in this process? What would be the motive to skew or misreport the findings, data, observations or evidence? Why would anyone seek to falsify the evidence or findings? 

We know why those who make vast profits from the exploitation of fossil fuels might wish to muddy the water, confuse the public, skew the data, or misreport the findings. But the academics who work for government agencies at set salaries with significantly more income available from fossil fuel companies do not have a profit motive. The money available from publication of a book on Global Warming is minimal compared to the dollars available to climate scientist from the CATO or Heartland Institutes. 

The evidence is the result of over 200 groups of Scientists reaching CONSENSUS. Those groups 97% consensus is clearly documented: CLIMATE CHANGE CONSENSUS 

100's of Scientific studies and 1000's of sets of measurements combined into models are tested as the events catch up with the predictions, adjustments are made, and the models are updated is the process. 

Climate Science like all science is a PROCESS of collective learning that relies on the careful gathering and analysis of data, the formulation of hypothesis, and the creation of computer models to help understand past and present change. It is the combined use of observations and models that test scientific understanding in order to help predict future change. 

Scientific knowledge builds over time as new observations and data become available 

This is one hour and 40 minutes of complexity that demonstrates the problem scientist have trying to relate complexities in a attention deficit disordered world.
Scientist are Skeptics - by nature they are the skeptics who cannot make absolute statements and claims. They can show that 200 groups and 1000s of scientists have spent countless hours observing and measuring to accumulate data that can be placed in complex models and tested against the emperical results after time has passed. They constantly adjust, add and update these models when the find inaccuracies in the models and discover which factor requires and adjustment.

Politicians and deniers are not skeptics. They refuse to understand the nature of science and skepticism. They seem to think a wrong prediction in science defines the scientist as wrong. The scientists know that all models are wrong because none are perfect replications of actual events. That does not mean they are not skillful and accurate in their predictions.
A preponderance of the evidence points to increased risk and the question is how much risk are we willing to assume? 

The evidence is clear and it's all around us. We know storms are causing more damage, sea level is rising, and the earth is warming. China is putting 10,000 cars a day on the roads, and 7 new coal fired power plants a month. The seas are 27% more acid,  reefs are suffering and the extinction of species is accelerating. The Arctic is melting, Greenland is pouring 300 million tons of water into the seas a year and so much is receding that more oil and coal deposits are being found and exploited adding to the problem. Do we really believe we can get away with all of this without any negative consequences? 

This video demonstrates the complexity of the issues and the frustration of scientists confronted with the problems of politics, economics, and use of a media that has no time for the lengthy and complex statements required to explain the reasoning of science. Years of dedicated research and testing can be negated by some nincompoop coining a term like "climate-gate" in a false claim that fragments of email by 5 of 180 scientists showed a conspiracy to "cook the books". This false flag flap is widely known but almost no one can tell you the details because that was not the point. The science tries to educate and explain - the deniers seek to confuse and obfuscate. It's no contest because it's much easier to confuse complexity. 

May 27, 2014

What Should You Be Watching with Your Limited Time?

MOST OF US HAVE LIMITED TIME TO VIEW AND READ THE EVIDENCE THAT IS FREE AND READILY AVAILABLE.  This is a guide to some of the best information available in documentaries and TV programming on the subject of Global Warming and Climate Change.


COWSPIRACY the film that environmental organizations don't want you to see!

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY WATCH - AVAILABLE WITH NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION or for 5 bucks at the link above.  If there was ever a film worth the 5 bucks this one is it.  

First on Television this year:  YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY 

YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY is the best program available to inform you on the breadth and depth of the problems posed by Climate Change: 
You can watch the Premier first episode for free online now without a subscription to Showtime 

Hopefully you will find it worthwhile to add Showtime to your list for at least one month for $10 and you can watch all 8 Episodes in that month and then cancel Showtime..

COSMOS - A Spacetime Odyssey  with Neil deGrasse Tyson - went against the FOX dedication to climate change deniers on FOX.

May 26, 2014

Are We Happy Now? - Melting Arctic Reveals More Sources of Carbon Based Fossil Fuels

TOO BORING? When did the end of civilization as we know it become too boring?

CRAZY -  Compounding the crisis  - crazy - amend that - unbelievably CRAZY result of the melting Arctic Ice. As the ice recedes from Greenland, and Arctic: Canada, Alaska, Russia and Scandinavian countries the ability of global fossil fuel companies to access more fossil fuel deposits increases. There is no compunction on the part of these companies or governments to slow or stop the flow of this source of greenhouse gasses. PROFIT NOW trumps any concern for out grandchildren and their ability to survive. WE as a people evidently don't have the slightest concern for anything beyond our own wallets.

THE CLIMATE DENIERS PART 2: Who Are These People? Pat Michaels

Patrick J. ("Pat") Michaels (born February 15, 1950) is an American climatologist. Michaels is a senior research fellow for Research and Economic Development at George Mason University, and a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute. Until 2007 he was research professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, where he had worked from 1980.

A self-described skeptic on the issue of global warming, he is a past president of the American Association of State Climatologists. He has written a number of books and papers on climate change, including Sound and Fury: The Science and Politics of Global Warming (1992), The Satanic Gases (2000), and Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media (2004) 

Patrick Michaels obtained an A.B. in biological science in 1971 and an S.M. in biology in 1975 from the University of Chicago, and in 1979 obtained his Ph.D. in ecological climatology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His doctoral thesis was titled, Atmospheric anomalies and crop yields in North America.

YES VIRGINIA - there is a climate scientist who is a leading spokesperson PROPAGANDIST for the Climate Denier Industry. It is an extremely well funded industry easily traced back to the KOCH BROTHERS - two of the world's wealthiest individuals who owe the great fortunes to the fossil fuel industry.  MIchaels is the Senior Fellow in "environmental studies" for The CATO Institute. - the CATO Institute isn't just funded by the KOCH's it was founded as The Charles Koch Foundation.  

May 25, 2014


FIRST UP - LORD MONCKTON - The Often Seen and Heard British Lord.

Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, SMOM
(born 14 February 1952) is a British public speaker and hereditary peer. He is known for his work as a journalist, Conservative political advisor, and UKIP political candidate..

Early in his public speaking career topics centered on his conservative politics. In recent years his public speaking has garnered attention due to controversial views on climate change.

Monckton was educated at Harrow School and Churchill College, Cambridge, where he received his B.A. (Classics), and at University College, Cardiff, where he obtained a diploma in journalism studies.

Monckton is a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Broderers, an Officer of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, a Knight of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and a member of the Roman Catholic Mass Media Commission. He is also a qualified Day Skipper with the Royal Yachting Association, and has been a trustee of the Hales Trophy for the Blue Riband of the Atlantic since 1986.

May 24, 2014


 One of the most often seen arguments that a debate among scientists still exists over man made global warming.

 You post your evidence from the IPCC or peer reviewed journals of science where 97% of the world's climate scientists agree on the facts:
1) The Earth is warming and
2) This warming is due to man's activity - specifically the removal of massive amounts of carbon based fossil fuels from the bowels of the Earth and spewing it as co2 into the atmosphere where as a "greenhouse gas" it serves as a blanket heating the surface.

That settles it you think but along comes someone with the "Wait a minute. Here I have a statement signed by 32,000 qualified scientists who deny climate change". If you cannot show them this those reading your TRUTH may be confused and left undecided.

That is exactly what they want. Confusion and doubt. But when you can show among the qualified scientists are Hawkeye Pierce, Michal J. Fox and Ginger Spice. And the vast majority of the "scientists" have a Bachelor of Science degree to qualify them as scientists. The authors of the statement present it from Dr Seitz - who long ago was a leader in the National Academy of Science but at an advanced age he presents this statement as if it were from the National Academy. It isn't. He presented it in the style of a peer reviewed report. It wasn't. Seitz is most famous as the scientist for the tobacco industry who presented the science that smoking tobacco was good for the smoker's health.

This is the main figure behind the 32,000 signatures. These people are clearly out to mislead and confuse and they deserve nothing less that your complete contempt. Take 10 minutes and see exactly who the climate deniers truly are. You should be offended.  Then just laugh when the main proponent laments that FOX is the only network that will put them on the air. These are the frauds and idiots we have to contend with in our quest to present the truth. This is the weapon you need to defeat them.


May 22, 2014


President Obama and his environmental advisers touted natural gas as a "bridge energy source far cleaner than coal" and readily available in the shale formations in the US as the answer to the problem of weaning us off of Oil and Coal into a future of solar, wind, biomass, geo thermal, and hydrogen energy sources. This optimism spawned a massive upsurge in drilling and fracking for natural gas.

IMAGE of the UNITA BASIN Fracking Sites

The caution in this has been tied to the proposition that natural gas or methane would be contained and not allowed to leak into the atmosphere in amounts under 3% of the total gas being trapped and put into the nationwide system of pipes and transfer stations ending up at the consumers residence or business. The EPA has "guessed" from mainly using industry information, that the leakage total was less than 2%. That estimate is now seriously in question.

This weeks edition of YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY Episode 6 shows the actual testing for leaks in Colorado, Utah and Los Angeles and gives us an up front first hand view of leakage from 11% in Colorado to 17% in Los Angeles.

May 16, 2014

BOOMERS or DOOMERS - The Continuum of Crisis Concern Levels

I was just introduced to the "Boomers and Doomers" meme by a very intelligent recent honors graduate in Environmental Studies. This nephew is optimistic and focused on doing his part to provide solutions from a stand point of acknowledging the problem. He has been equipped with recent formal education in the science - another family member recently completed a graduate degree in an environmental program and his work is with a group concerned with preservation of wilderness. Family resources like these should feel encouraged to share their perspectives.

May 15, 2014

FRESH WATER from ICE MELT is Accelerating Beyond the Most Dire Predictions


230 Gigatonnes per year average over the past 10 years was exceeded by 40% the past 12 months. The Chesapeake Bay holds 80 Gigatonnes so it's 30 Chesapeake Bay's worth of water added to the oceans over 10 years from Greenland alone.

Stories like this one from MARCH 17, 2014 go unnoticed. 
The northeast Greenland ice sheet lost more than 10 billion tons of ice per year since 2003, according to the study, published March 16 in the journal Nature Climate Change. Once thought immune to global warming's effects, melting in northeast Greenland could significantly boost Greenland's contribution sea level rise

Meanwhile way down south in Antarctica the news is also dire despite what seemed to be a brief respite over the past couple of years when snowfall increased the ice pack in some areas.

May 14, 2014

COSMOS - A Spacetime Odyssey

COSMOS Season One Episode 7  The Clean Room 

A great way to see how the Oil industry made it possible for lead to be spread throughout the atmosphere for 20 years after it's toxicity to humans was a proven fact. We know nothing has changed. The Oil Coal and Natural Gas industries have so much money and power that the facts showing how detrimental CO2 is to our planet are effectively negated. Rubio and Paul are so well paid for their "climate change is a hoax" declarations they have sold their souls and the lives of their grand children in order to maintain their political positions and power. We know what they are doing and we still can't stop or even slow them.

May 11, 2014

The Level of CO2 in the Atmosphere is Increasing


There are many sources of Carbon Dioxide. It is a gas that occurs naturally - always has. But the burning of fossil fuels produces a Carbon Dioxide that is identifiable as different from say human exhalation.  The systems of the Earth are adept at dealing with the exhalation of Carbon Dioxide and other natural sources - Foliage drinks in CO2 and emits oxygen.  We all know this. We should also know that there are scientific methods of measuring the content of the atmosphere and discriminating between different sources of Carbon Dioxide. 

So is there an increase in CO2 in the Earth's Atmosphere?  Well there should be - there are many more people breathing it out and there are less trees to absorb it - right? More asphalt and buildings where green foliage once existed?  We can see through GOOGLE EARTH the massive clear-cutting in major areas of forest across the planet.  It's interesting to download Google Earth and "fly over" to see for yourself these areas that were once massive forests or jungles now 50% and more decimated by clear-cutting.
North of Vancouver 

The Earth is Warming - Simple Measurements not subject to Debate or Controversy



This does not mean it warms up every year or decade or even century but over time it has gotten warmer particularly since 1900 and the dawn of the industrial age. 


Three separate studies show some variations - particularly around 1620 and 1700 - but show a remarkable correlation within 10ths of degrees. All of them show a significant increase since the dawn of the Industrial Age. This isn't open to debate or controversy. It's a logical measurable result of human industrial activity.

Now go back to the chart of SUN cycles of energy

May 10, 2014

Environment 2014 May

by Barry Bozeman

Start here with one of those absolutely BRILLIANT - MUST SEE 10 minutes - that should provide certainty. Concise yet thorough - our skillful models are now revealing undeniable TRUTH.


Greenland Ice Sheets 

The GOOGLE EARTH snipped images below are huge areas - you can do this for yourself - just download GOOGLE EARTH if you don't have it and take your own world journey. These changes can be seen from near Earth orbit. Every tree that is cut diminishes oxygen creation, every tree that is burned contributes to the Carbon pollution, every square mile of white ice that goes diminishes reflection and increases absorption of warmth.   We are in an era where the Earth should be cooling given the Sun cycles and volcanic activity - but we continue to warm as CO2 emissions rise. The only mapping that fits the change is the rise of carbon in the atmosphere and that comes from Man.   97% of Climate Scientists agree this is fact.


May 8, 2014


by Barry Bozeman



The ZOMBIE ARGUMENTS are those that have been debunked and refuted constantly and consistently yet refuse to die and be buried - thus they become ZOMBIES shuffling through the Internet and comment sections in news media along with wet-brained talking heads paid by the Coal Oil and Gas industries to foul the air and fog the minds of readers and viewers with specious "arguments" designed to convey the impression that debate exists among qualified experts - but there is no debate 

In the next edition of this weblog ENVIRONMENT 2014 I cover the issue of the Climate Models and the obvious conclusion is that the models are rapidly becoming more detailed 
and "SKILLFUL". They continue to improve with time and become increasingly closer to the observations they predict . 

The ZOMBIE ARGUMENT says "Climate Change is Natural" - well YES it is natural. And it runs in cycles as we can see from the historical record. Global Temperature, CO2 Concentration and Sea Level all rise and fall over eons of time and we know they determine this from the record revealed in ice cores, tree rings and ocean sediments. 

Small Changes? and Facebook Feedback

  • Barry Bozeman This will give you a pretty good view of what "SMALL" is

    Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb Many thanks to: Peter Sinclair - G...See More
  • Bob Keim A termite fart is pretty small, too. But when you add the methane gas produced by trillions of termites in the Amazon rain forest to our atmosphere, it becomes an interesting question.
    13 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Barry Bozeman The relatively small 8 tenths of a degree warming globally is not as important as the current 4 or 5 degree temperature increase in the Arctic and Greenland. - the thawing of the permafrost in Canada and Siberia has the potential to release massive amounts of methane in a feedback loop that will accelerate the temperature rise to a point we don't want to contemplate..
  • Barry Bozeman There are currently 5 gigatonnes of methane in the atmosphere - yet the arctic regions seabeds and the permafrost contain 100's of tonnes of methane. So relatively minimal changes in Arctic temperature have huge potential impact for methane release and the methane is a potent greenhouse gas that serves to exacerbate the whole warming process.
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