May 11, 2014

The Earth is Warming - Simple Measurements not subject to Debate or Controversy



This does not mean it warms up every year or decade or even century but over time it has gotten warmer particularly since 1900 and the dawn of the industrial age. 


Three separate studies show some variations - particularly around 1620 and 1700 - but show a remarkable correlation within 10ths of degrees. All of them show a significant increase since the dawn of the Industrial Age. This isn't open to debate or controversy. It's a logical measurable result of human industrial activity.

Now go back to the chart of SUN cycles of energy

Here we can see what the temperature should be doing if the SUN were the major determining factor. Please note the 1998 peak solar energy output - that's very important as you will see

Warming has slowed since 1998 as it should have given the solar input decline following the 1998 peak output. The great "Conspiracy and Hoax" people want you to believe that climate scientists cannot explain why 1998 was warmer than years that followed. - but they can and do explain it in a way that is quite easy to comprehend. We should be in a cooling cycle but we aren't. Multiple factors are involved in the science including Solar variations, volcanic activity and El Nino events. The trend is still evident.

Take a look at the measurements from 1750 through 2012 

and this set of multiple sources of temperature measurements from across the globe. Particularly interesting is the inclusion of major volcanic eruptions labeled and identified within the graph. When there is a major ejection of volcanic ash into the atmosphere there follows a cooling when the Sun's energy is blocked from the surface.   

The Earth is getting warmer - there is no question about it and it's gotten warmer dramatically since the dawn of Industrial activity after 5400 years of cooling

So - I welcome anyone who wishes to dispute the efficacy of these measurements.  The TRUTH is plain to see. Warming is a reality. If you wish to debate it show us measurements that dispute these. 

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