Jul 29, 2003

Around the web on Tuesday with some new friends considering an association. Here is a sample.

A Rational Animal humanizes victims of the hunt for Saddam very well written & not a pretty picture. It's not easy being green - white, black, brown, red, yellow or Alas a Blog.
Apathy Inc does the Young Repulsican meet in DC and throws up along with Blunted on Reality Democratic Veteran takes it further and writes a letter
Arms and the Man Resource.full, and Frog N Blog are all over the Pentagon's new terrorist futures market
Emma's Notes on the Atrocities takes on the atrocity that is the DLC and Pandagon piles on in a blistering analysis of their misconceptions.
Blah 3's scoop on the latest FIXER for IRAQ looks like Alabama's search for a new head coach.
Blowtorch Monkey Armada knows they fire guys that get it right,& keep those that get it wrong.
Down on Lieberman? Tell Folkburn why Down on Pryor? Ignatz tells us why.
Zota has a nice piece on the UC Conservative study for the TTLB showcase
Heller Mountain features more random notes on an undeclared world war.
Jesus's General hits the campaign trail and quits blogging.
You Live Your Life as if it's Real informs us that High Water is now The River
Mark A. R. Kleinman is disgusted with the 'nimble' and 'agressive' new US method of intelligence gathering involving kidnapping women and children.
Nurse Ratched sends Cheney to the padded room for some quiet time after Dean drills the veep in fund raising and T Rex backs her up.
has a beautiful essay on William Gibson's new book juxtaposed with US oil interests in Sao Tome and the hell that has become of Liberia. Prometheus 6 has the truth in black and white. Rantavation's take on the truth and the cognitive dissonance of the war party is all gray.
Rook's Rant bids farewell to Hope
Sadly No has discovered that Andrew Sullivan is running out of things to say. No good news for Bush backers anywhere and that is good news for everyone else.
Suburban Guerrilla is my new hero with great posts on the Limbaughtomizer and Dr. Gonzo.
PLEASE STOP BY THE POISON KITCHEN AND VOTE IN THE ARI CONTEST. (I am sure you can find the right entry to vote for (Barry B) if you read through all the entries (Barry B) I am sure you will make the right decision (Barry B) But I feel it would be wrong of me to influence your decision (Barry B.) So I will not tell you who to vote for(Barry B,) because that would be wrong (Barry B.)
Tom at The Funny Farm finds this tax mistake anything but funny. Totalitarianism Today talks telecommunication in IRAQ. So does MCI the governments criminal communication corporation. Veiled 4 Allah asks what kind of America we want to live in - give her your answer. Reach em High advocates 100% replacement of all incumbents
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