Aug 13, 2003

It appears that the LIMBAUGHTOMY has hit some raw nerve across the Right Bank of Blogmania with this little dream:

The early exit polls in FLORIDA were correct.
Had all the votes counted as intended Gore would be President.
We would be prosperous, people would be employed, the deficit would not exist,
the Rich would have gotten richer, the poor would not be as poor,
we would not be at war, soldiers would not be dying, Bin Lauden would be dead,
there would be no Dept. of Big Brother Security, there would be no Patriot Act
and the World Trade Towers would still be standing.

It seems that many of these rightwing bloggers take issue with my musings. To them I ask:
Would the studious and “over-informed” Al Gore have read and acted on the CIA and NSC information that crossed his desk stopping 9-11?
I believe he would.
Would that have stopped the war on IRAQ, the attack on Afghanistan, the record deficit, the Patriot Act, and the Homeland Security Department?
Yes I believe it would.
Would that have helped the economy and the job market?
Yes I believe it would.
Would he have used the drones to attack the Taliban and take out Osama? Who knows but yes is as good as no. Did the Operation Desert Fox attacks destroy Saddams WMD’s? Well it appears that something did.

You may wish my musings were far off the mark but in this world what might have been is only a dream. I prefer to make my what might have been a good dream. So put it down if it makes you feel superior, but your rejection of it has only as much credibility as the dream itself.
A Fearful Symmetry , Poliblog, The Mind of Man, SPOONS, OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY, a shot in the dark, SARCASTIC SOUTHERNER, and SCSU SCHOLARS have opened a chorus of howls and moans over the premise presented in this now infamous LIMBAUGHTOMY post
It is difficult to describe the feeling of elation and satisfaction with a job so well done that it exceeds all expectations. De-LIMBAUGHTOMIZATION is occurring on a scale unprecedented in the short but lively existence of Rush Limbaughtomy. Readership is up to over 5000 visits in the past 36 hours and the reverse brain-washing is having a ripple effect across the country as thousands of previously Limbaughtomized right wingers begin to gyrate wildly and scream vituperative expletives. Talent on loan from GOD indeed. I wish to thank all of these fine fans and readers for linking to the Limbaughtomy and making my day.
And an UPDATE this time from one of those "college boys from LSU who went in dumb and came out dumb too". (Randy Newman) The BOG is fuming and ranting so hard his type is turing yellow. The BOG is very descriptive of the mind of the author. Too bad the VOLS don't meet the Bayou Bengals until the SEC Championship this year - oh wait that would be those other tigers.
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