Jun 21, 2003

The Rush Limbaugh Show is like VIDEODROME or The RING once you are exposed enough there is a point of no return. Like a bad trip on LSD - you believe in your paranoid delusion that you have come down and re-entered reality, while in fact you are sitting in a padded room in a straight jacket. It is a pathological state of mass psychosis.*


There is this simple test:


1) You believe you found WMDs instead of British artillery balloon trailers.
2) You believe more tax cuts for the rich will restore a robust economy.
3) You believe Nation Building is not the job of US troops when you are Governor candidate Bush and you believe nation building is the job of the US troops when you are Resident Bush.
4) You believe lying about sex is worse that lying about the reasons for war but nobody died in a stained blue dress.
5) You believe Halliburton & KBR have the nations best interest at heart instead of VP. Cheney’s best interest at heart.
6) You believe that W had no ‘insider’ knowledge before he dumped his Harken Energy stock
7) You believe W was a great businessman who made money in the oil business.
8) You believe there are liberal fans** of the Rush Limbaugh Show
9) You believe you are safer now than during the Clinton administration
10) You believe you are financially better off now (and you make less than $140,000 a year) than you were during the Clinton Administration.
11) You believe the economy is better with a 5 Trillion Dollar deficit.
12) You believe in Right to Life from conception to birth AND the DEATH penalty.

If you answered yes to any 7 of the 12 beliefs above You have entered the Bushie Twilight Zone a dimension where there is only a Right wing and right turns and right to life and rightwingnuts.

**"Liberal fans of the Rush Limbaugh show" LMAO And I thought compassionate conservative was the best oxymoron.

FAQ SECTION: If you cannot find the answer you seek below please join the discussion on the RTB Forum

QUESTION: “Am I Limbaughtomized since I don't listen to the show?”

ANSWER: Although it is extremely rare there have been recognized cases of Limbaughtomy by proxy. These cases occur when the victim is in close contact with Limbaughtomy sufferers who carry the airborne infection and pass it on by word of mouth. This is sometimes known as Contact Limbaughtomy.

QUESTION: How frustrated do Democrats get because they can't figure out how Rush's show is so successful.

ANSWER: Einstein is credited with the following gem of wisdom: “Only two things in my experience are infinite: 1) is the Universe 2) is human stupidity. And sometimes I am not sure about the universe.” P T. Barnam once opined that “ Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public. TEST: Take one of the many I Q Tests available on the web (if you can locate one ) and see if you can beat Forest Gump at a score of 42.

QUESTION: No matter how hard they try or how much money they throw at it, they can't duplicate it or make it go away. Poor little Algore is rumored to be trying to counter it now, I'm sure he'll fail miserably too. Do you disagree?

ANSWER: Beginning with part 2, Former Vice-President Al Gore who garnered 550,000 more votes in the Presidential election than the current Resident is said to be advocating the creation of a Liberal News Network on Television to counter the influence of CNN (the Conservative News Network) FOX ( the Fascist News Notwork) and MSNBC (Mindless Sycophant News By Conservatives) Al Gores comments have nothing to do with Radio. The answer to part one is: I know of nobody who is spending a dime to make Rush Limbaughtomy go away. Rush Limbaughtomy is a valued tool of the liberal left. There is no clearer indication of Rightwingnut status than those who listen to the Limbaughtomy. Know thine enemy. Gore Reportedly Has Set Sights on Creation of a Cable Network

QUESTION: So now any of us on the right who have an opinion are obviously "limbaughtomized" because everybody knows we're too stupid to come up with our ideas on our own, right?

ANSWER: How would one know if they were “able to come up with” the same twisted dumb “answers on their own?” RIGHT? Of course you are RIGHT that is what this is about.

QUESTION: Aren’t there are many, many diehard liberal fans of Rush? I work for some. I know many others. And they're all as vehemently liberal as many of you.

ANSWER Let us agree on one thing . You decide who the conservatives are since it takes one to know one. And We will decide who passes muster as a liberal. A few clues:
Just because you
1) Favor life in a hellhole prison over the death penalty it does not make you a liberal
2) Favor the right of a woman to choose in cases of rape or incest it does not make you a liberal
3) Favor the simple registration of assault weapons or handguns – it does not make you a liberal.
4) Know a conservative that thinks you are a liberal it does not make you a liberal.
5) Make the statement that “some of my best friends or employers are liberal” and you are a Limbaughtomized Rightwingnut it does not make them liberals.

QUESTION: So, I can't know a liberal when I see one, but you can know a conservative when you see one?

ANSWER: In using the pejorative form of sarcasm it is often found that the user emulates the untenable aspects of the opponents’ line of reasoning (or lack thereof). Hence the sarcasm involved in my use of “all of my conservative friends” ---

QUESTION: Sheesh, Barry B, I sure wish I had your towering intellect, so I could learn to insult liberals with such gusto as your crazed insults of those of us on the right, and so I could learn to properly distinguish liberals from conservatives.

ANSWER: Personally I think you do an adequate job of insulting liberals and I wish you could learn to properly distinguish as well.

QUESTION: Do you realize with your rants you sound just like a liberal version of Rush, except not as entertaining or as humourous (sic)?

ANSWER: Why thank you. I will take the “liberal version of Rush comment” as a compliment since that is exactly what I was shooting for. As to you feeling that I am not as entertaining or humorous – I will say that I would not expect you to be entertained or humored. My aim is to anger and outrage because that is what Rush does to liberals.

NOTE TO MY READERS: In case you are suffering from the same problem that some of those who take exception to my remarks let me make this abundantly clear. THE PURPOSE OF RUSH LIMBAUGHTOMY (my blogspot and nom de plume) is to poke fun at Crush Slimeball and his listeners. I believe them to be mindless sycophants and intellectual dullards who have the moral conscience of gutter dwellers and pond scum hence the name Rush Limbaughtomy – get it. I would not cross the street to excrete bodily fluids on Rush if he were on fire. I think Rush is doing and has done irreparable harm to the political environment in America and I believe him to be a menace to society and to America. I enjoy writing these replies just like Al Franken enjoyed writing Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot. And all of my conservative friends and employers agree with me that Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot. And many Conservatives who are disgusted by the lies and vituperation of Rush Limbaugh have written to me in support of my efforts to take the debate to his level and meet the Limbaughtomized on their own terms. I hope you enjoy it because it is meant to be enjoyed. and not taken literally.

Barry Bozeman is the author of Rush Limbaughtomy and solely responsible for it’s content.
Thanks and a tip of the hat to Bjorn Again for the questions in the FAQ
*Visit Emphasis Added for a beautifully intellectual view of "the pathological state of mass psychosis this country finds itself in following 9/11, including a devastating analysis of the appeal of Bush’s simplicity, sentimentality, and boundless capacity for self-delusion."
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