May 26, 2014

Are We Happy Now? - Melting Arctic Reveals More Sources of Carbon Based Fossil Fuels

TOO BORING? When did the end of civilization as we know it become too boring?

CRAZY -  Compounding the crisis  - crazy - amend that - unbelievably CRAZY result of the melting Arctic Ice. As the ice recedes from Greenland, and Arctic: Canada, Alaska, Russia and Scandinavian countries the ability of global fossil fuel companies to access more fossil fuel deposits increases. There is no compunction on the part of these companies or governments to slow or stop the flow of this source of greenhouse gasses. PROFIT NOW trumps any concern for out grandchildren and their ability to survive. WE as a people evidently don't have the slightest concern for anything beyond our own wallets.

INSANITY - Republican Right Wing "conservative" creationist dogma evidently trumps competent consensus of qualified climate scientists. The climate change deniers latch on to every KOCH funded piece of crap presented as if it has some value when consensus has been achieved and evidence mounts daily that the skillful models predicting the future are likely too conservative.
DENIAL How can 42% of Americans choose to side against the scientific community and live with themselves?  The vast majority of deniers are Republican and most are Conservative ideologues and/or Christian creationists.
CREATIONIST CHRISTIANS  - It's 2014 and American environmental policy is being shaped by people who believe the Earth is a 6,000 year old planet where dinosaurs walked the Earth with human beings. While it may be easier to comprehend the financial "reasoning" of Koch supporters who adhere to some Randite view of capitalism - it's almost impossible to comprehend how college educated intellects can stomach siding with creationists and their 6,000 year old earth theory. Rather than seeing the horror involved in the melting ice they rejoice at the discovery of easy to obtain oil, coal and natural gas. I only wish they all owned property in coastal areas that will disappear under the sea. They should be forced to live and remain there.
SAY GOODBYE to Miami, NYC, Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and the nations capitol and wonder with me if the current residents of those cities who deny that a problem exists will be standing neck deep in water in their living rooms denying the problem in 2040 or 2050. I wish I could be around to hear their "reasoning" at that point in time.
THE MELTING ARCTIC sources of fossil fuels will be burned - there is too much money there to stop it.Those who make this money won't be charged the cost of the relocation and compensation for coastal residents who's property is submerged in the oceans  There is no consequence for the KOCH brothers and their followers. Until there is there will be no change in the increase in co2 emissions. The KOCH brothers have enough money to fund their own mountain top underground bunker filled with enough food and water to ride out the disaster for 50 years.
CONSENSUS  - if you don't believe that Climate Change Basics:
1) the Earth is warming - up almost 1 degree Celsius and
2) CO2 greenhouse gasses now over 400 ppm are unprecedented and
3) this increase in co2 is MAN MADE from carbon emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels dug out of the Earth and spewed into the atmosphere -
You are in opposition to the consensus of 97% of qualified climate scientists from countries all around the planet. If you don't accept the scientific findings about Climate Change you are opposed to the 13,940 or 13,974 peer reviewed scientific papers presented to the world over the past 2 decades. That kind of agreement is almost impossible to achieve. This isn't debatable. It's FACT.

Accept the Scientific FACTS or choose to side with Republican ideologues, Christian Creationists, and ultra-conservative deniers that do not include a single qualified Climate scientist who is not wholly dependent on Koch Brother's financed "think tanks" like CATO or The Heartland Institute.  There is nothing boring about it unless you simply don't give a damn about the future and your grand children. If you are 60 or over you won't see the worst so why should you care?

It's the END OF THE WORLD as you know it. But you feel fine so why should you worry or act?  WAKE UP
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