Jan 1, 2014

Request for information and quotes on Solar systems for multiple residences

I have a small house off Tazewell Pike in Knoxville that looks like it would  require a 750kwh system My brother Dr. Charles Bozeman in Sevierville will need a system with triple that capacity plus he has an indoor pool the could use solar heating. And I have other family members who are interested in this possibility. 

I have a 2 car garage with 25' by 12' south facing slanted roof that sits 40 feet from the house. It is attached by a breezeway of 4x4 posts tied together with 2x4s and lattice that might support solar panels closer to the house. The main house faces East so the roof slants East and West with the exception of a 14 by 20 flat section and a small south facing dormer maybe 12 by 12.  The garage roof does not get shade from any source until very late evening and it slants toward almost due south. The same is true of the top of the breezeway (probable need to reinforce breezeway to avoid potential wind damage from lift). You can also see the flat and small south facing roof sections at the back of the house.  There are two separate meters now - one on the garage (you can see the incoming power in pic 4 below) The main house power comes from a tri-wire off that same poll to the right side of the house (from facing the front) of to the left of the blue awning in pic 5 below. 
The roof on the main house is brand new. I have little concern about the garage roof - the garage is pretty rough and used as a workshop and storage mainly. 

3015 Tazewell pike - garage roof - blue awning - breezeway - sunlight on garage roof quite evident

​Broadway on left side - Tazewell pike diagonal - house by yellow pin.  ​

Garage roof facing South 25 by 12 feet area
Garage is 40 feet from house - length of breezeway - power comes from pole to 2 separate meters one on the garage one to the left of blue awning below 
My major question is the cost of having the panels 40 to 50 feet from the main to the house - almost the farthest point from garage roof to main meter.
Breezeway and rear roof of house - electric main to the left of blue awning. this rear roof is facing due west. 
That's a large wysteria vine on the garage end of the breezeway but there is 30 feet of breezeway that is uncovered and get's constant sunshine 

​Brother Chalie's house from Google Earth. The glass is over the lap pool and is the south side of the house with a view to LeConte from that whole back area. There is a lot of south facing roof exposure and the yard you see is on a fairly steep slant toward the south. The house is indicated by the yellow pin in the upper right corner showing it's location relative to Sevierville and the Dolly Parton Pky beside the river that flows out of  Greenbriar in the Smokies. Charlie will have to let us know where his grid power enters the house but I think it's to the left side where the driveway comes up the hill.  Charlie can provide pictures from the rear of house if you need them. 
 My past 6 months were 812, 801, 770, 710, 685 and 655 Dec thru May. kwh hours of electric use. I have gas heat and hot water and the bulk of my electric usage is from computers and audio video systems plus central air in the summer. Charlie is going to get his consumption numbers and can let us know about the volume of water in the pool requiring heat, I would estimate his power consumption is triple mine. 

If you need any other data let me know. I am interested in a conversation and a quote to find out what the costs would be and the incentives available. My phone is 865 281 2004 and this email aurabass@gmail.com is the best way to get to me for a call back - just leave a number and a time.