Aug 28, 2016



How Donald Trump's New Campaign Chief Created an Online Haven for White Nationalists

Breitbart News is "the platform for the alt-right," boasts Stephen Bannon.
Sarah Posner Aug 22 2016

Last week, when Donald Trump tapped the chairman of Breitbart Media to lead his campaign, he wasn't simply turning to a trusted ally and veteran propagandist. By bringing on Stephen Bannon, Trump was signaling a wholehearted embrace of the "alt-right," a once-motley assemblage of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, ethno-nationalistic provocateurs who have coalesced behind Trump and curried the GOP nominee's favor on social media. In short, Trump has embraced the core readership ofBreitbart News.
"We're the platform for the alt-right," Bannon told me proudly when I interviewed him at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in July. Though disavowed by every other major conservative news outlet, the alt-right has been Bannon's target audience ever since he took over Breitbart News from its late founder, Andrew Breitbart, four years ago. Under Bannon's leadership, the site has plunged into the fever swamps of conservatism, cheering white nationalist groups as an "eclectic mix of renegades," accusing President Barack Obama of importing "more hating Muslims," and waging an incessant war against the purveyors of "political correctness."
"Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it," writes a former Breitbart News editor. "With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed."
"Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it," former Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro wrote last week on the Daily Wire, a conservative website. "With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed. Now Breitbart has become the alt-right go-to website, with [technology editor Milo] Yiannopoulos pushing white ethno-nationalism  as a legitimate response to political correctness, and the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist mememakers."
Exactly who and what defines the alt-right is hotly debated in conservative circles, but its most visible proponents—who tend to be young, white, and male—are united in a belief that traditional movement conservatism has failed. They often criticize immigration policies and a "globalist" agenda as examples of how the deck is stacked in favor of outsiders instead of "real Americans." They bash social conservatives as ineffective sellouts to the GOP establishment, and rail against neo-conservative hawks for their embrace of Israel. They see themselves as a threat to the establishment, far bolder and edgier than Fox News. While often tapping into legitimate economic grievances, their social-media hashtags (such as #altright on Twitter) dredge up torrents of racist, sexist, and xenophobic memes.
Trump's new campaign chief denies that the alt-right is inherently racist. He describes its ideology as "nationalist," though not necessarily white nationalist. Likening its approach to that of European nationalist parties such as France's National Front, he says, "If you look at the identity movements over there in Europe, I think a lot of [them] are really 'Polish identity' or 'German identity,' not racial identity. It's more identity toward a nation-state or their people as a nation." (Never mind that National Front founder Jean Marie Le Pen has been fined in France for "inciting racial hatred.")
Bannon dismisses the alt-right's appeal to racists as happenstance. "Look, are there some people that are white nationalists that are attracted to some of the philosophies of the alt-right? Maybe," he says. "Are there some people that are anti-Semitic that are attracted? Maybe. Right? Maybe some people are attracted to the alt-right that are homophobes, right? But that's just like, there are certain elements of the progressive left and the hard left that attract certain elements."
A Twitter analysis conducted by The Investigative Fund using Little Bird software found that these "elements" are more deeply connected to Breitbart News than more traditional conservative outlets. While only 5 percent of key influencers using the supremacist hashtag #whitegenocide follow the National Review, and 10 percent follow the Daily Caller, 31 percent follow Breitbart. The disparities are even starker for the anti-Muslim hashtag #counterjihad: National Review, 26 percent; the Daily Caller, 37 percent; Breitbart News, 62 percent.
Bannon's views often echo those of his devoted followers. He describes Islam as "a political ideology" and Sharia law as "like Nazism, fascism, and communism." On his Sirius XM radio show, he heaped praise on Pamela Geller, whose American Freedom Defense Initiative has been labeled an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Bannon called her "one of the leading experts in the country, if not the world," on Islam. And he basically endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan's primary challenger, businessman Paul Nehlen, who floated the idea of deporting all Muslims from the United States.

Aug 21, 2016



Let us parse this incredible statement by Donald Trump in answer to a softball question from Hugh Hewitt – Conservative talk show host and Trump supporter.

Hewitt’s inquiry concerning the Nuclear Triad of course refers to the 3 “legs” or elements of the US nuclear arsenal – 1) Land based ICBMs  2) Our Nuclear Submarine Missile Fleet and 3) Our B1 Stealth Long Range Bombers equipped with Nuclear bombs. Hewitt evidently wants to allow Trump to expound on his toughness and Commander in Chief capacity by indicating which element of our nuclear capacity Trump would make a priority.

Trump evidently has no clue what Hewitt is talking about. 

So Trump launches into a strange monologue first touting that he is 1) Trustworthy 2) Responsible and 3) Knows what he is doing. 
Then he gives his “proudest” proof of his quality:  He was “totally against going into Iraq in 2003 – 04 because it would destabilize the Middle East. He “called it VERY STRONGLY” and “IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT”

FACT:  The invasion of Iraq began on March 20 2003 and according to FACT CHECKER (non partisan FACT CHECK site)
The record of TRUMP’s pre-Iraq invasion statements 

In short:
Sept 11, 2002 Howard Stern asks Trump if he supports the invasion:

DONALD TRUMP “Yeah, I guess so. You know, I wish it was, I wish the first time it was done correctly.” 

TRUMP stated his opposition was so well known and vocal that representatives from the Bush Whitehouse came to Trump Tower in attempt to silence him, because, he said, he was getting “a disproportionate amount of publicity” for his opposition to the war.

There is no evidence this happened and given his claim of “disproportionate publicity” it seems that someone somewhere would have a record of it.

Jan. 28, 2003: Trump  on Fox “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Trump says he expects to hear “a lot of talk about Iraq and the problems,” He urges Bush to make a decision on Iraq. “Either you attack or you don’t attack,” he says. But he offers no opinion.
Cavuto: If you had to sort of breakdown for the president, if you were advising him, how much time do you commit to Iraq versus how much time you commit to the economy,
Trump: We have to — you know, it’s sort like either do it or don’t do it.
Trump: Either you attack or you don’t attack. -the point is either you do it or you don’t do it, or you — but I just — or if you don’t do it, just don’t talk about it. When you do it, you start talking about it.
March 21, 2003: Neil Cavuto of Fox interviews Trump
Trump the war “looks like a tremendous success from a military standpoint,” and he predicts the market will “go up like a rocket” after the war.
March 25, 2003: Donald Trump, “If they keep fighting it the way they did today, they’re going to have a real problem.” “The war’s a mess,”. WaPo interview.
July 1, 2003: HARDBALL – TRUMP “. I think the president is doing a very good job. I would love to see New York City and some of the cities and some of the states get some of the money that`s going toward Iraq”
Sept. 11, 2003: SCARBROUGH COUNTRY  TRUMP “It wasn’t a mistake to fight terrorism and fight it hard, and I guess maybe if I had to do it, I would have fought terrorism but not necessarily Iraq.”
Nov. 4, 2003: HARDBALL Trump “the economy is doing well,” but predicts “his bigger problem is going to be what’s happening in Iraq.”
Trump:. The question is whether or not we should have been in Iraq in the first place. I don’t think that this president can do anything about that. He is really — he is on a course that has to stay.
Dec. 15, 2003: Neil Cavuto  TRUMP “a lot of people [are] questioning” the wisdom of going to war with Iraq in the first place. But ultimately, over the next year, two years, 10 years and 20 years, this is just a great thing for the free world.


Aug 16, 2016

War Has Already Begun - Will We Fight Back?

We must elect Hillary Clinton in the first battle against Climate Change — and we must demand that she does these things ASAP:  READ McKIBBEN’S ARTICLE IN FULL HERE 
The next president doesn’t have to wait for a climate equivalent of Pearl Harbor to galvanize Congress. Much of what we need to do can—and must—be accomplished immediately, through the same use of executive action that FDR relied on to lay the groundwork for a wider mobilization. The president could immediately put a halt to drilling and mining on public lands and waters, which contain at least half of all the untapped carbon left in America. She could slow the build-out of the natural gas system simply by correcting the outmoded way the EPA calculates the warming effect of methane, just as Obama reined in coal-fired power plants. She could tell her various commissioners to put a stop to the federal practice of rubber-stamping new fossil fuel projects, rejecting those that would “significantly exacerbate” global warming. She could instruct every federal agency to buy all their power from green sources and rely exclusively on plug-in cars, creating new markets overnight. She could set a price on carbon for her agencies to follow internally, even without the congressional action that probably won’t be forthcoming. And just as FDR brought in experts from the private sector to plan for the defense build-out, she could get the blueprints for a full-scale climate mobilization in place even as she rallies the political will to make them plausible. Without the same urgency and foresight displayed by FDR—without immediate executive action—we will lose this war.
Bill McKibben lays down the gauntlet — WWIII has already begun and we must heed the call to arms before it is too late. We may not be able to stop the carbon assault short of losing our coastal cities much as the Allies were unable to stop Hitler until after he absorbed continental Europe and bombed London into rubble. 
For years, our leaders chose to ignore the warnings of our best scientists and top military strategists. Global warming, they told us, was beginning a stealth campaign that would lay waste to vast stretches of the planet, uprooting and killing millions of innocent civilians. But instead of paying heed and taking obvious precautions, we chose to strengthen the enemy with our endless combustion; a billion explosions of a billion pistons inside a billion cylinders have fueled a global threat as lethal as the mushroom-shaped nuclear explosions we long feared. Carbon and methane now represent the deadliest enemy of all time, the first force fully capable of harrying, scattering, and impoverishing our entire civilization.

Aug 8, 2016




Is Donald J. Trump the Peerless Deal-maker and Ardent Philanthropist he professes to be? Many Trump supporters express admiration for a "self-made" billionaire" who's wealth resulted in a lavish lifestyle and selfless charity. Trump expertise in business is required to show he "knows the system better than anyone" by parlaying a small 1 million dollar loan from his father into a 10 Billion Dollar Empire.

Trump asks voters to choose between Competent Business Trump and "Liar" Hillary Clinton. But what if Trump is nothing like what he professes to be? Would they vote for incompetent Trump who escaped almost certain personal bankruptcy using some $40 million dollars from his family including a $30 million dollar inheritance and forced liquidation of yachts, mansions, Trump Shuttle, and casinos?. Would the deception alter their support? Would the Truth  make a difference?

Truth is Donald Trump is perpetrating a serious con job on his supporters. He thinks YOU are too dumb to wade through the details to get to the Truth. He believes you will be unable to separate the lies from Truth because you will accept his version that any negative information about him is part of some conspiracy to eliminate or smear him and "rig" the election. How cool is that?

Aug 7, 2016


Whoring Themselves Out for a Chance to have Trump's Ear 
Early on Sunday Aug 7 I posted a story NEVER A CHOICE SO CLEAR FOR FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST concerning personal experience, Jimmy Carter, and incredulity that Christians could choose TRUMP over HILLARY CLINTON 
So called small c "christian"  leaders support an arrogant, foul-mouthed, thrice-married, misogynistic businessman who made millions from the gambling industry, bragged repeatedly about his sexual encounters, threatens to kill the families of his enemies, and who would deport all followers of the second largest religious Faith over a woman who has championed children, the disabled, the afflicted and the poor for decades. How is this even in question? 


This story is not a common one regarding pastors, presidents and Christian faith but if you identify as a Christian first and apply political party identity based substantially on Faith this discussion is for you as well as those who do not apply faith to politics. Combining Rock & Roll not associated with gospel or christian music with a pastor, president and politics is uncommon as are connections explained below. 

My parents raised me in Christian Faith my youth closely intertwined with the First Baptist Church of Knoxville TN. From Sunday morning Sunday school and services, to Sunday night meals and prayer meeting, add Wednesday afternoon choir practice, Royal Ambassadors, and Wednesday night meals and prayer meeting. Social life revolved around church activity. I dated girls from church not my high-school, played on the church basketball team, went to church retreats and camps and my teen year parties were with my friends from the church I attended from birth thru my 26th year. My brothers and I were Christians, Eagle Scouts, and sons of the Democrat who held Knox County's chief executive position for over 26 years in an area so Republican no Democrat has ever held the seat in Congress.

Johnathan Merritt editor of Faith and Culture for THE RELIGIOUS NEWS SERVICE lists President James Earl Carter first among "Presidents who were the most religious". 

 Jimmy Carter: Famous for being a baptist Sunday School teacher (even after his term), Jimmy Carter is recognized as the first “born again” president. Prior to serving, Carter took a missionary journey in which he knocked on strangers doors and said, “I’m Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior?” He read his Bible and prayed daily throughout his time in office, yet Carter was ultimately rejected by the emerging evangelical right.
Mountain Sound Inc formed in Knoxville with Charlie Daniels and The Marshall Tucker Bands as our tour sound and lighting clients. The MTB was composed of ex-Marines from South Carolina and Charlie Daniels is a vocal right wing blogger. These bands became prominent fundraisers for Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign and Mountain Sound was a part of that effort 

When Carter won the election in November he announced that he would pardon all draft resistors who did not desert or become a citizen of another country. That decision would not have helped my friend Jesse Winchester who had become a Canadian by 1973. I went to Washington and met with Charles Kirbo and Hamilton Jordan's people making the case that becoming a Canadian citizen was the honorable thing to do and that Jesse should be treated like any other Canadian citizen. That January I waited in the receiving line at the National Guard Armory where we were doing the sound and light production for Marshall Tucker and Charlie Daniels at the Inaugural Ball with one of Jesse's albums under my arm. Carter saw the album and told me not to worry. The next day he pardoned all draft resistors except those who had deserted making Jesse eligible to perform in the USA. A Christian act of forgiveness so typical of Jimmy Carter


Toy Caldwell, Carter, George McCorkle


Aug 4, 2016



Today TRUMP IS CLAIMING he saw the plane land in Iran with money from the USA for Iranians and that has once again raised the issue of the  Muslim Celebrations as the WTC Collapsed

 The line of argument was intensified by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump just moments before the President's comments, though he also complicated his message by referring to having seen a video of the transfer whose existence others have doubted.
The CNN message board once again lit up with Trump supporters claiming they saw videos and that Trump had been vindicated on his Muslim Celebration Claim in the CNN FACEBOOK page thread.

Problem is that not one of the 150 comments contained a single image or video or link to an image or video that supports that claim. That seems Highly Unlikely in this age of Google and Digital Cameras.

Claims of office workers at desks and similar incidents were raised but still undocumented in any way.

So a Google Search for Trump Claims Muslim Celebrations on 9/11 was made with these results:
The key results from Politifact, Factcheck and CNN say PANTS ON FIRE - no such celebration but Breitbart and The Political Insider both extreme right wing Republican blogs say CONFIRMED.

Problem remains - no video or images of thousands of celebrating Muslims at tailgates.
You can check these for yourself. The "CONFIRMED" sites like Breitbart may have a radio report from CBS about "swarms of people" celebrating but the reality turns out to be 8 people detained. That is NOT "Thousands of Muslims celebrating at tailgates"  TRUMP SAW NO VIDEO and even if there were more than 8 people in this "swarm" it does not alter the bald faced lie.

The Political Insider site has a broadcast from a police official who cites several locations where some people were "celebrating" - No numbers or estimates - just mention of reports. Gulliani is featured in a clip that does not provide anything to substantiate Trumps Claim of having seen thousands.

This link shows a larger number of celebrating people on video - but these people were in Palestine.

Fact-checking Trump's claim that thousands in New Jersey cheered ...
Nov 22, 2015 - ... Trump says he saw "thousands" of New Jerseyans celebrating after the ... any mention of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks.

Trump, Carson on 9/11 'Celebrations' -
Nov 24, 2015 - Donald Trump's widely discredited claim that Muslims in New Jersey were seen on TV cheering the 9/11 terrorist attacks — and Ben Carson's ...
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Donald Trump's 9/11 celebration claims, debunked - CNN Video
Dec 8, 2015
Donald Trump claims to have seen "thousands of people" celebrating in New Jersey on September 11th, but ...

Trump's outrageous claim that 'thousands' of New Jersey Muslims ...
The Washington Post
Nov 22, 2015 - There is absolutely no evidence of the celebration cited by Trump. ... claim that 'thousands' of New Jersey Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attacks.

Trump's Claims About Muslims After 9/11 CONFIRMED! (VIDEO)
Now, Former New York Police Department Commissioner Bernard Kerik has vindicated Trump in hisclaims, noting that there were many post-9/11 celebrations ...
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Donald Trump's claim about Muslims celebrating 9/11 supported by ...
Daily Mail
Dec 21, 2015 - While the New Jersey news organization called Trump's claim of thousands ofMuslims celebrating on 9/11 to be 'baseless,' reporters found ...

Trump 100% Vindicated: CBS Reports 'Swarm' On Rooftops - Breitbart
Breitbart News
Dec 2, 2015 - Trump 100% Vindicated: CBS Reports 'Swarm' On Rooftops Celebrating 9/11. ... proven Donald Trump 100% correct about Muslims celebrating 9/11, ... Trump's claim of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating the ...

9 Pieces of Documentation that Vindicate Trump's Claim of 9/11 ...
Breitbart News
Dec 1, 2015 - Trump claimed he had seen television reports covering Muslims celebrating on 9/11. Those contemporaneous reports have now been found.

EXCLUSIVE: Some Jersey City Muslims did celebrate 9/11, cop and ...
Dec 21, 2015 - How a political controversy was born A timeline of events following Donald Trump's claim of people celebrating in Jersey City on 9/11. But in a ...

Video Debunks Trump's Claim That Thousands of American Muslims ...
Dec 1, 2015 - MTV released a clip that Trump has cited as evidence that New Jersey Muslims celebrated 9/11, but it disproves his point.