May 24, 2014


 One of the most often seen arguments that a debate among scientists still exists over man made global warming.

 You post your evidence from the IPCC or peer reviewed journals of science where 97% of the world's climate scientists agree on the facts:
1) The Earth is warming and
2) This warming is due to man's activity - specifically the removal of massive amounts of carbon based fossil fuels from the bowels of the Earth and spewing it as co2 into the atmosphere where as a "greenhouse gas" it serves as a blanket heating the surface.

That settles it you think but along comes someone with the "Wait a minute. Here I have a statement signed by 32,000 qualified scientists who deny climate change". If you cannot show them this those reading your TRUTH may be confused and left undecided.

That is exactly what they want. Confusion and doubt. But when you can show among the qualified scientists are Hawkeye Pierce, Michal J. Fox and Ginger Spice. And the vast majority of the "scientists" have a Bachelor of Science degree to qualify them as scientists. The authors of the statement present it from Dr Seitz - who long ago was a leader in the National Academy of Science but at an advanced age he presents this statement as if it were from the National Academy. It isn't. He presented it in the style of a peer reviewed report. It wasn't. Seitz is most famous as the scientist for the tobacco industry who presented the science that smoking tobacco was good for the smoker's health.

This is the main figure behind the 32,000 signatures. These people are clearly out to mislead and confuse and they deserve nothing less that your complete contempt. Take 10 minutes and see exactly who the climate deniers truly are. You should be offended.  Then just laugh when the main proponent laments that FOX is the only network that will put them on the air. These are the frauds and idiots we have to contend with in our quest to present the truth. This is the weapon you need to defeat them.

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