Apr 29, 2012

The REAGAN RESULTS - The Actor of Disaster

We probably all recall the day  Reagan started his war on the government he was elected to lead. This was the equivalent of hiring a football coach that hates football to lead your team. It makes no sense at all. But we have seen anti-government people elected to Congress and the Presidency on a regular basis confounding the efforts of people who desire good government by the people to preserve the nation.


The Government of, by and for the People is our only protection against government of by and for the wealthy and powerful. Claiming that "big government" is the problem is the same thing as saying "we the people" are the problem. The problem was never BIG government it was BAD government that protected and enhanced the interests of the wealthy and powerful corporations over the the best interests of WE the People. The answer is not the elimination of government or regulation. It is the proper use of government.

Following the Nixon debacle of the Imperial Presidency of a paranoid liar we were graced with a good and decent man - Jimmy Carter who was faced with serious set of problems in the Middle East with rebellion against Nixon friend the Shah of Iran who had maintained his power with the repression of SAVAK aided by Nixon's CIA. The problems in the Middle East created a gasoline shortage and long lines at the gas pumps and the overthrow of the Shah resulted in the Iranian Hostage Crisis. These problems led to Carter being a one term President and Ronald Reagan "the great communicator" became President of the United States. His job became a crusade to destroy the power of our government to protect the citizens from the abuse of wealth and power.

Reagan attacked the government of which he was the head and started a policy of rolling back the protective regulations that had been in place since The Great Depression when FDR rescued the country from the brink and presided over the installation of regulations that would save us from a repeat of that terrible time in history. At the core of his program was Reaganomics - what his vice-president George Bush called "Voodoo Economics" - and what has become known as Trickle Down Economics. 

The result of Reaganomics and his war on government regulation is what has led to the vast increase of wealth and power by the corporations and the ultra wealthy. There is no denying that this has been the result of policies put in place since he ascended to the Presidency 

Now we know beyond all doubt the result of the Reagan Reaganomic Revolution and the mess that these so called 'conservatives' have gotten us into. But what does that mean when we look at the historical perspective? We can now look back at the historical trends and learn from the history if we use intelligence. 

This graph relates to these tax percentages 

It does not take a rocket scientist or above average intelligence to see the parallels between what happened in the 30's when the oligarchs and plutocrats held a similar position as they do today. There simply is no way this is good for the country. 

We now have a choice. We can continue down this road that started with Reagan and culminated in Bush where we got to experience a huge drop in manufacturing jobs.

Or we can elect progressive Democrats to Congress with a mandate that they reinstate the regulations and re-equalize the tax rate to return us to a financial equilibrium where the middle class is once again empowered while the the power of the corporations and the ultra-wealthy is controlled. 


Apr 26, 2012


This image is being sent via email by Tea Party patrons and Republicans with the following text 
FW: Clueless.....

Now is it just me, are both of them as dumb as they appear. I guess this could have been taken in a mirror which would screw it up, or maybe it is authentic. I would not doubt it being authentic!!!! Note both have rings on their ring finger and most likely on their left hand. I think they are truly clueless!!!!

His suit coat is buttened correctly, so it is not a mirror image.

These people are so clueless. They are not Americans.


It is obviously a digital photo that has been "flipped" or a scanned slide or photo that has been flipped cropped from the photo below or another photo taken at the same time. The occasion was the 9/11 Memorial in 2011 at the White House. 

The only CLUELESS people involved in this situation are the Tea Party people who offered this as the truth and anyone who buys into this kind of garbage 

This photo flip is very easy to do. 

Apr 23, 2012

R-money Campaign Excitement Illustrated

Mitt Romney books Ford Field for 1200 people for his big economic speech 
He gets about 800 to come here him talk about more tax cuts for the Rich.
Poor Mitt. Such a clear example of the 1%