Oct 27, 2016


For My  Mother who used to do this well. 
The Planet Earth Our Home 
and Hillary who I hope lives up to the faith we place in her. 



Across great plains of waving grain
O're endless burning desert sands,
A hot wind sings through canyon lands
Then howls up ridges
Rides the rain
And dies in quiet beneath deep snows
On lofty peaks above the trees.
Where rivers flow to foaming seas
Beneath white sails full blown cool breeze,
High hums the rigging taut and strong
And keel to rudder rides huge waves
Of pounding surf in fog-drenched haze.

Thunder rolls up asphalt trails
Eight lanes of freeway
Silver rails of speeding trains
Fly streaking planes
crescendo swells
Of blaring horns, hot squealing tires
the raucous sounds from concrete caves
Rise between vast gleaming spires of glass and steel
To pierce the smog of smoke filled skies.

Above thin canopies of clouds
Shine countless stars
Vast galaxies of gas and light
And coming soon bad rising moon
Will kiss the colors of the sky
As sinking sun sets in the gloom

Down beneath skyscrapers high
The nightlife springs and prowls the scene
In syncopated rhythmic dance
Our bodies spin, hearts beat alive
Minds seek connection in a trance
Of sparkling eyes, inviting smiles a human touch
The ancient ritual erupts
And all our focus is aligned
To sing love's song in space and time.

In poetry of words and wit
Is life expressed?
The real surreal
This thing is

He roars with rage all spite and fear
What beast is this that mauls and tears 
Time tested fabric of our strength?
A selfish instinct that belief
Who dares assault the tried and true 
To sing divide and conquer blues?
The center holds until we fail 
We cannot falter or this tale
Of human decency won’t last 
Our future grows from honored past 

This planet Earth's pure air we breathe 
drink waters fresh, sail salty seas
The varied species all endowed with life on Earth
Are all around these sacred charges 
We must guard.

Our greed needs cease 
Some aims best change 
This Earth’s rich bounty must regain 
Once honored place - its' just deserts
There is no price, life has no peer
Earth serves us all so hold it dear
Cry - stop this mean and greedy rape 
Of soil and sea for fossil fuel!
For all the power you would command 
cannot replace  
This Promised Land

American - that’s what we are
All of us, each on our own
Then bound together we are strong.
This tribe diverse makes up our whole
This whole's our boon.
It’s not our skin or where we’re born
It’s not our sex or view of GOD.

We all have hope – we all need love
And some seek solace from above.
With faith so strong and flesh so weak
We need, we yearn then strive and seek
And most are bound to give their  best
To offspring born into this test
This perfect world where life can be
a horror or an ecstasy.

Time is the thief that takes us all
A memory left, a faint recall
So pass it on all down your line
Of love and blood and ties that bind.
The love you give's the love you own

Down deep beneath this surface shell
Of flesh and bone our spirits dwell
A spirit made of light so pure
Bright sparks - our souls
One simple truth
A truth we knew when we were young
Old Truth now new
WE are all ONE

Oct 20, 2016



'OVERVOTES' IN DUVAL CO African American precincts:       27,000 Gore Votes 
Butterfly Ballot votes by elderly Jews in Palm Beach county       3,700 Gore Votes 
29,000 purged African American voters - just 10% would be       2,900 Gore Votes 

THAT TOTALS OUT TO 33,600 Un-Counted Gore Votes in a 587 vote margin  


Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his actions that set the stage for the anointment of his brother as president:
  • Under Jeb, Florida Secretary of State Kathryn Harris implemented a so-called felon purge (felons, unfortunately, are almost always disenfranchised in Florida) of the state's voter registration list through a firm called ChoicePoint. However, the denial of the right to vote as a result of the pre-election striking of names of voters included - by intention - the names of people who weren't felons but had similar names. If this voter suppression had not been implemented, Gore would have won Florida flat out by thousands more votes.

54,000 people were eliminated 54% African American on bogus grounds. i.e. a James Smoot – verified voter would be close in name to Jamis Snoot – a convicted felon. Both would have been eliminated the studies showed  54% is 29,160 African American's eliminated from Duval County rolls. 

If just 10% of these were bogus that's 2,900 votes 
  • Jeb told, Kathryn Harris to certify his brother as the winner of the Florida presidential election even though the vote count was still being challenged legally and a court-mandated recount was imminent. Harris's declaration on November 27, 2000, created a media meme that Bush was the "official" winner, even though the outcome of the election - due to thousands and thousands of uncertain ballots - was still in doubt.
  • It was confirmed that calls from Jeb and George to cousin John Ellis, who was "advising" the FOX election "decision desk," led to FOX calling the Florida election for George W. Bush at 2:16 AM on the Wednesday morning after election day. Not wanting to be scooped by FOX, the other major media outlets quickly followed suit. 
These are just three examples of thievish actions Jeb Bush took that created a context of "official victory" that allowed Antonin Scalia to lead the Supreme Court in a 5-4 coup, halting a recount in Florida and nullifying the votes of the US electorate that likely would have resulted in a Gore victory.
In a fair count, without shenanigans or election irregularities, the Miami Herald estimated Gore would have won Florida by 23,000 votes. The Bush strategy all along was to prevent a recount and run out the clock.
  • On election night, some television networks called Florida for Gore. Then Fox with a Bush cousin at the desk changed it to Bush clinching the electoral college
  • Gore called Bush to concede.
  • Then the networks uncalled Florida — and Gore un-conceded
  • The election was literally too close to call and a legally mandated recount began.
  • Bush (not Gore) sued to stop recounts in some counties.
  • Gore sued to extend deadlines for recounts.
  • The Florida Supreme Court ordered a more extensive recount. Bush (not Gore) appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court stopped the recount.
  • Gore conceded.

GORE WON THE POPULAR VOTE BY 600,000 with 268 Electoral Votes losing New
Hampshire by fewer votes than Nader received. 

The Florida margin was 587 votes

The Bush v. Gore decision by judicial conservative Justices.
These Justices believed in the preĆ«minence of states’ rights, a narrow concept of the equal-protection clause of the 14th Amendment, and, above all, in judicial restraint.
Bush v. Gore violated those principles.
The Supreme Court stepped in even though the Florida Supreme Court had been interpreting Florida law; the majority found a violation of the rights of George W. Bush, a white man, to equal protection when these same Justices were becoming ever more stingy in finding violations of the rights of African-Americans; and the Court stopped the recount -a classic example of judicial activism, not judicial restraint, by the majority.

The Court prevented Florida from determining, as best it could, whether Gore or Bush really won.

In detailed reviews over the next months it was determined that the early exit polls were correct – Gore had won Florida. What made this particularly egregious was Jeb Bush was Gov and Katherine Harris W’s Fla campaign mgr was Sec State in charge of elections. 
If you want to talk “RIGGED” that was the perfect situation for W. 

The Palm Beach "butterfly ballot," produced an absurdly large number of votes for third-party candidate Pat Buchanan. Elderly voters were confused by a new unique ballot design. The 2nd set of candidates on the left were Democrats Gore and Lieberman - but the second hole was for Pat Buchanan, who won 3,407 votes in Palm Beach—around 2,600 more than he received in any other county in Florida. Many of those voters were elderly Jews, thrilled to be voting for Joe Lieberman, the first Jew ever on a presidential ticket; instead, the confusing design had led them to cast their vote for Holocaust trivializer Buchanan.  Seeing the Democrats 2nd below Bush-Cheney they punched the 2nd hole. 

That's 3,400 Gore Votes right there 

There were thousands more "overvotes" than usual, especially in predominantly African-American precincts in Duval county (Jacksonville), where some 27,000 ballots showed two or more choices. Those Duval ballots spread choices for President over two pages with instructions to "vote on every page" on the bottom of each page. Those Overvotes – people confused by “vote on every page” would check Al Gore and would also write in Al Gore – that would disqualify their votes.  
African American precincts  Duval Co. 

27,000 ballots with overvotes 2 votes for Gore 

That doesn't even account for the Hanging Chads that seemed to be the key on TV 
The “hanging chads” were the tiny paper dots that did not completely disengage from a paper ballot card when punched.  In 100’s of cases the hanging chads would reseat in the hole when the ballot cards were stacked making the machine think that No Vote had been cast. 

With these things calculated and counted it was clear Gore was Florida’s choice. 
the one clear "rigged" election in US History. 

Sep 20, 2016



 We really do not require this consensus of Climate Scientists. We can determine the truth for ourselves. We too can look at the data - the massive store of measurements of CO2 in our atmosphere and of rising temperatures across the globe. 

Charles Keeling put his CO2 measurement devices on Mauna Loa in Hawaii around 1958, We have had access to this record of CO2 in our atmosphere in the Keeling Curve and many other measurement sites that have duplicated this result across the planet. 

KEELING CO2 LEVELS 1958 - 2016

This information is quite easy to understand. The number 401.10 is the current parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere at the Mauna Loa Observatory. Since 1958 the amount of CO2 has steadily increased from 315 to 401ppm. Everything you could possibly care to understand about this measurement is available here on THE KEELING CURVE WEBSITE including links to a number of additional measurement sites around the world that verify this is not an anomaly. 

Even the LIAR DENIERS cannot attack these measurements. Instead, they try to claim the CO2 comes from volcanoes or other natural sources. 
But this is what they fail to comprehend. We are smarter than they think. We understand there is a natural carbon cycle that has been operating on Earth for millennia . We understand that some CO2 is produced by natural processes like breathing. We know it enters the atmosphere and is absorbed by the ocean, released into the air again and absorbed in our forests where green leafy trees use photosynthesis to make CO2 into oxygen. 
How do our Climate Scientists know about the natural balance of the carbon cycle in the past? We know because the ice is a massive storage facility for ancient data on the atmosphere. 

We know the oceans and forests are carbon dioxide sinks that store CO2, first on the ocean surface until currents carry it into the ocean depths. This process was in balance for millennia. We know this because our scientists have learned that they can drill into the ice in glaciers on the high mountains and in Greenland or Antarctica and recover a record of CO2 that now goes back 800,000 years. This record now covers hundreds of core drilling sites and thousands of samples and clearly shows we have not approached 401ppm over all that time. 

In order to better understand and communicate in conflicts with deniers and doubters on Climate Change, I entered the DENIAL 101X course on EDX. This course is nearing completion but you can get involved and gain the information on your own time as I have since last week. The course consists of short video ‘lectures’ of 6 minutes average, with pdf ‘handouts’. This is very well done and beautifully organized. I encourage each of you to at least visit the site and perhaps enroll for the Climate Science course that begins on Nov 1, 2016.

This video by Dr. Lonnie Thompson from Ohio State University is very entertaining and informative. Dr. Thompson invented the process that allows scientists to use a solar powered drill to take core samples in the high mountains of the Andes, Alps,Himalayas and even Kilimanjaro and New Guinea. This involves drilling at 20,000 feet in areas inaccessible to even helicopters. Scientists use yaks to pack out the cores from the high elevations. 


The way we know that CO2 is now out of balance with the natural carbon cycle comes from the measurements of CO2 at places like Mauna Loa and from analysis of the ice cores drilled by scientists like Dr. Thompson on high mountain glaciers and by many other Climate Scientists who have drilled deep in Greenland and Antarctica. Scientists depend on a wide array of cores from all across the planet to confirm that results are not isolated phenomena. The cores are shared with scientists in many different countries at many different institutions. The analysis of the trapped air in facilities in many countries ensures results are not 'doctored'.

Sep 18, 2016




There are no more despicable deplorable liars on the planet than the Climate Change Deniers. These paid shills who create doubt in the scientific evidence of Climate Change are a threat to the very life of the planet and will be responsible for the death and destruction inevitably visited on our grandchildren.
These Denier Liars are in large part found at THE HEARTLAND INSTITUTE and CATO among several others and they are paid by funding provided by KOCH INDUSTRIES and EXXON along with other Fossil Fuel Industry beneficiaries. The Denier Liars also include a majority of Congress bought and controlled by the Fossil Fuel Industry - the most powerful industry in the history of our World. 

The lowest and foulest of the Liar Deniers is the founder of CLIMATE DEPOT - Mark Marano, an aide to Sen James "the hoax" Inhofe known as the Rush Limbaugh of Climate. 
These Denier Liars claim there is no consensus among Climate Scientists that: 
  1. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, 
  2. Greenhouse gasses are causing warming of the planet 
  3. Mankind is responsible for the increased carbon dioxide.
This Anthropogenic Global Warming or AGW is what the 90 to 100% of expert Climate Scientists involved in the study of climate, ice, atmospheric chemistry, and geology agree is happening.
Doubter's claim it's the Climate Scientists who are in it for the money. That their research grants and funding depends on them doctoring results to prove Global Warming and Climate Change. But it should be clear to any thinking person that it's the Fossil Fuel Industry that has the unlimited funding and it is they who make millionaires of their LIAR DENIER Shills. 

Sep 17, 2016


Tim Ball is a Climate Denier with a weblog

His post CHERRY PICKING IN CLIMATE STUDIES can be found here

In this post Ball takes on Dr. Michael E. Mann's hockey stick claiming that Mann "rewrote climate history by eliminating a WARMER THAN TODAY period between 899 and 1300 AD"  As I will explain down the page, Tim Ball is treading very thin ice because Michael Mann has gone on the offensive against his attackers and is posting wins in his legal battles against those who have defamed him. 

Today as of this post is MAY 25, 2016 and May 2016 is the warmest May on record over 1 degree C above the 20th Century Average. 

2015 was the warmest year on record by a significant margin as shown in the graph above and 2016 is shaping up July as of this graph as significantly hotter still. July and August have continued the 15 consecutive "hottest ever on record" months so it seems clear that Tim Ball is not capable of adjusting his thinking as the record grows. 

Sep 15, 2016



When a frog is placed in a pot of cold water heated slowly on a stove, the frog will die as it adapts to the increased heat. We are the frog. Key scientific groups with dedicated and knowledgeable climate scientists have slowly been raising the temperature with their diligent research and peer reviewed reports. These scientists consistently err on the side of the most conservative assessment. The peer review process waters down the language to the lowest common denominator. The process adds 2 to 5 years from data collection to final publication. Scientific language is notoriously dull and dense -a sleep inducing description of the coming apocalypse. We are unconcerned.

The well funded denier machine paid millions by fossil fuel interests is staffed by the same people who successfully added decades to effort to tie tobacco to cancer. "Think tanks" and "conservative" Foundations like The Heritage Foundation successfully allow Senator Jim Inhof of Oklahoma cover for his claim that the Bible proves man-made Climate Change is The Greatest Hoax. This senator from Exxon backed by Koch Industries may be more extreme but he and his party are all on board with their financial backers. After all the fossil fuel industry is the most powerful and wealthy in world history.

The task of deniers is simple - DO NOTHING. A slow moving apocalypse revealed by scientific methods is difficult to identify, more difficult to prove, and almost impossible to sell when the last thing scientists want to do is to market and sell. Most scientists are notoriously bad speakers and presenters.when it comes to promoting an idea. They speak in a foreign language using technical terms while laboring under a false illusion. Held to the same standard as politicians they insist on presenting all the facts without providing a vivid 45 second sound byte to fit the 24 hour news cycle and they are losing the battle to save our planet.

Sep 1, 2016


Not too many Kossacks are prone to talk football in diaries. Colin Kapernick has altered that a bit over the past few weeks.  
The Carolinas border city Charlotte is the scene of great unrest and some violence this week. And much is said of the horrific tendency of police to use deadly force as the first option.  These events have had the effect of seeing college football coaches questioned with some interesting results — none more interesting than this.
Last Tuesday, Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney was asked to comment about Kaepernick‘s kneeling during the national anthem.  As head coach of the 2nd best team in college football last season: Dabo Swinney is exceptionally well paid and well covered by the media. His Clemson Tigers only lost one game last year — the National Championship to the Alabama Crimson Tide 45 to 40. 
This was Dabo’s response:
"I think everybody has the right to express himself in that regard," Swinney said. "But I don't think it's good to be a distraction to your team. I don't think it's good to use the team as a platform. I totally disagree with that. Not his protest. But I just think there's a right way to do things. I don't think two wrongs make a right. Never have, never will. I think it just creates more divisiveness, more division."
Swinney went on to discuss King, saying, "I hate to see what's going on in our country. I really do. I think this is a good world. I think this is a great country. It's just that things get painted with a broad brush in this world these days.
"There's more good than bad in this world. With Martin Luther King, I don't know that there's ever been a better man or better leader. To me, he changed the world. He changed the world through love in the face of hate. He changed the world through peace in the face of violence. He changed the world through education in the face of ignorance. And he changed the world through Jesus. Boy, that's politically incorrect. That's what he did. It's amazing when we don't learn from our past how you can repeat your mistakes."
NEYLAND STADIUM with U and T built as a student by my fraternity 
Being born on campus at Tennessee as son of a Torchbearer mom and UT Law student father teaching accounting as a grad assistant at the time of my birth; I was carried to UT football games as an infant. As freshman class and fraternity president when we built a copy of the iconic interlaced U and T on The Hill where we fired the scoring cannon. I was born into Big Orange Football I know the power & prestige of football coaches in the south 


Aug 28, 2016



How Donald Trump's New Campaign Chief Created an Online Haven for White Nationalists

Breitbart News is "the platform for the alt-right," boasts Stephen Bannon.
Sarah Posner Aug 22 2016

Last week, when Donald Trump tapped the chairman of Breitbart Media to lead his campaign, he wasn't simply turning to a trusted ally and veteran propagandist. By bringing on Stephen Bannon, Trump was signaling a wholehearted embrace of the "alt-right," a once-motley assemblage of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, ethno-nationalistic provocateurs who have coalesced behind Trump and curried the GOP nominee's favor on social media. In short, Trump has embraced the core readership ofBreitbart News.
"We're the platform for the alt-right," Bannon told me proudly when I interviewed him at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in July. Though disavowed by every other major conservative news outlet, the alt-right has been Bannon's target audience ever since he took over Breitbart News from its late founder, Andrew Breitbart, four years ago. Under Bannon's leadership, the site has plunged into the fever swamps of conservatism, cheering white nationalist groups as an "eclectic mix of renegades," accusing President Barack Obama of importing "more hating Muslims," and waging an incessant war against the purveyors of "political correctness."
"Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it," writes a former Breitbart News editor. "With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed."
"Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it," former Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro wrote last week on the Daily Wire, a conservative website. "With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed. Now Breitbart has become the alt-right go-to website, with [technology editor Milo] Yiannopoulos pushing white ethno-nationalism  as a legitimate response to political correctness, and the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist mememakers."
Exactly who and what defines the alt-right is hotly debated in conservative circles, but its most visible proponents—who tend to be young, white, and male—are united in a belief that traditional movement conservatism has failed. They often criticize immigration policies and a "globalist" agenda as examples of how the deck is stacked in favor of outsiders instead of "real Americans." They bash social conservatives as ineffective sellouts to the GOP establishment, and rail against neo-conservative hawks for their embrace of Israel. They see themselves as a threat to the establishment, far bolder and edgier than Fox News. While often tapping into legitimate economic grievances, their social-media hashtags (such as #altright on Twitter) dredge up torrents of racist, sexist, and xenophobic memes.
Trump's new campaign chief denies that the alt-right is inherently racist. He describes its ideology as "nationalist," though not necessarily white nationalist. Likening its approach to that of European nationalist parties such as France's National Front, he says, "If you look at the identity movements over there in Europe, I think a lot of [them] are really 'Polish identity' or 'German identity,' not racial identity. It's more identity toward a nation-state or their people as a nation." (Never mind that National Front founder Jean Marie Le Pen has been fined in France for "inciting racial hatred.")
Bannon dismisses the alt-right's appeal to racists as happenstance. "Look, are there some people that are white nationalists that are attracted to some of the philosophies of the alt-right? Maybe," he says. "Are there some people that are anti-Semitic that are attracted? Maybe. Right? Maybe some people are attracted to the alt-right that are homophobes, right? But that's just like, there are certain elements of the progressive left and the hard left that attract certain elements."
A Twitter analysis conducted by The Investigative Fund using Little Bird software found that these "elements" are more deeply connected to Breitbart News than more traditional conservative outlets. While only 5 percent of key influencers using the supremacist hashtag #whitegenocide follow the National Review, and 10 percent follow the Daily Caller, 31 percent follow Breitbart. The disparities are even starker for the anti-Muslim hashtag #counterjihad: National Review, 26 percent; the Daily Caller, 37 percent; Breitbart News, 62 percent.
Bannon's views often echo those of his devoted followers. He describes Islam as "a political ideology" and Sharia law as "like Nazism, fascism, and communism." On his Sirius XM radio show, he heaped praise on Pamela Geller, whose American Freedom Defense Initiative has been labeled an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Bannon called her "one of the leading experts in the country, if not the world," on Islam. And he basically endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan's primary challenger, businessman Paul Nehlen, who floated the idea of deporting all Muslims from the United States.

Aug 21, 2016



Let us parse this incredible statement by Donald Trump in answer to a softball question from Hugh Hewitt – Conservative talk show host and Trump supporter.

Hewitt’s inquiry concerning the Nuclear Triad of course refers to the 3 “legs” or elements of the US nuclear arsenal – 1) Land based ICBMs  2) Our Nuclear Submarine Missile Fleet and 3) Our B1 Stealth Long Range Bombers equipped with Nuclear bombs. Hewitt evidently wants to allow Trump to expound on his toughness and Commander in Chief capacity by indicating which element of our nuclear capacity Trump would make a priority.

Trump evidently has no clue what Hewitt is talking about. 

So Trump launches into a strange monologue first touting that he is 1) Trustworthy 2) Responsible and 3) Knows what he is doing. 
Then he gives his “proudest” proof of his quality:  He was “totally against going into Iraq in 2003 – 04 because it would destabilize the Middle East. He “called it VERY STRONGLY” and “IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT”

FACT:  The invasion of Iraq began on March 20 2003 and according to FACT CHECKER (non partisan FACT CHECK site)
The record of TRUMP’s pre-Iraq invasion statements 

In short:
Sept 11, 2002 Howard Stern asks Trump if he supports the invasion:

DONALD TRUMP “Yeah, I guess so. You know, I wish it was, I wish the first time it was done correctly.” 

TRUMP stated his opposition was so well known and vocal that representatives from the Bush Whitehouse came to Trump Tower in attempt to silence him, because, he said, he was getting “a disproportionate amount of publicity” for his opposition to the war.

There is no evidence this happened and given his claim of “disproportionate publicity” it seems that someone somewhere would have a record of it.

Jan. 28, 2003: Trump  on Fox “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Trump says he expects to hear “a lot of talk about Iraq and the problems,” He urges Bush to make a decision on Iraq. “Either you attack or you don’t attack,” he says. But he offers no opinion.
Cavuto: If you had to sort of breakdown for the president, if you were advising him, how much time do you commit to Iraq versus how much time you commit to the economy,
Trump: We have to — you know, it’s sort like either do it or don’t do it.
Trump: Either you attack or you don’t attack. -the point is either you do it or you don’t do it, or you — but I just — or if you don’t do it, just don’t talk about it. When you do it, you start talking about it.
March 21, 2003: Neil Cavuto of Fox interviews Trump
Trump the war “looks like a tremendous success from a military standpoint,” and he predicts the market will “go up like a rocket” after the war.
March 25, 2003: Donald Trump, “If they keep fighting it the way they did today, they’re going to have a real problem.” “The war’s a mess,”. WaPo interview.
July 1, 2003: HARDBALL – TRUMP “. I think the president is doing a very good job. I would love to see New York City and some of the cities and some of the states get some of the money that`s going toward Iraq”
Sept. 11, 2003: SCARBROUGH COUNTRY  TRUMP “It wasn’t a mistake to fight terrorism and fight it hard, and I guess maybe if I had to do it, I would have fought terrorism but not necessarily Iraq.”
Nov. 4, 2003: HARDBALL Trump “the economy is doing well,” but predicts “his bigger problem is going to be what’s happening in Iraq.”
Trump:. The question is whether or not we should have been in Iraq in the first place. I don’t think that this president can do anything about that. He is really — he is on a course that has to stay.
Dec. 15, 2003: Neil Cavuto  TRUMP “a lot of people [are] questioning” the wisdom of going to war with Iraq in the first place. But ultimately, over the next year, two years, 10 years and 20 years, this is just a great thing for the free world.


Aug 16, 2016

War Has Already Begun - Will We Fight Back?

We must elect Hillary Clinton in the first battle against Climate Change — and we must demand that she does these things ASAP:  READ McKIBBEN’S ARTICLE IN FULL HERE 
The next president doesn’t have to wait for a climate equivalent of Pearl Harbor to galvanize Congress. Much of what we need to do can—and must—be accomplished immediately, through the same use of executive action that FDR relied on to lay the groundwork for a wider mobilization. The president could immediately put a halt to drilling and mining on public lands and waters, which contain at least half of all the untapped carbon left in America. She could slow the build-out of the natural gas system simply by correcting the outmoded way the EPA calculates the warming effect of methane, just as Obama reined in coal-fired power plants. She could tell her various commissioners to put a stop to the federal practice of rubber-stamping new fossil fuel projects, rejecting those that would “significantly exacerbate” global warming. She could instruct every federal agency to buy all their power from green sources and rely exclusively on plug-in cars, creating new markets overnight. She could set a price on carbon for her agencies to follow internally, even without the congressional action that probably won’t be forthcoming. And just as FDR brought in experts from the private sector to plan for the defense build-out, she could get the blueprints for a full-scale climate mobilization in place even as she rallies the political will to make them plausible. Without the same urgency and foresight displayed by FDR—without immediate executive action—we will lose this war.
Bill McKibben lays down the gauntlet — WWIII has already begun and we must heed the call to arms before it is too late. We may not be able to stop the carbon assault short of losing our coastal cities much as the Allies were unable to stop Hitler until after he absorbed continental Europe and bombed London into rubble. 
For years, our leaders chose to ignore the warnings of our best scientists and top military strategists. Global warming, they told us, was beginning a stealth campaign that would lay waste to vast stretches of the planet, uprooting and killing millions of innocent civilians. But instead of paying heed and taking obvious precautions, we chose to strengthen the enemy with our endless combustion; a billion explosions of a billion pistons inside a billion cylinders have fueled a global threat as lethal as the mushroom-shaped nuclear explosions we long feared. Carbon and methane now represent the deadliest enemy of all time, the first force fully capable of harrying, scattering, and impoverishing our entire civilization.