Sep 25, 2012


INTRODUCTION to a new best friend

I thought I was experienced in that Jimmie Hendrix way. I took the Electric Acid Kool Aide Test and passed. My first company was incorporated using Keith Stroup - the Executive Director of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) - as the attorney who filed the proper papers. I spent two weeks living in the home of Dr. Timothy Leary shortly before he passed on to the astral plane. I spent several years living in a commune in Quebec and many more on the road with a variety of Rock n Roll bands.
I've seen Nepalese Temple Balls, Black Afghani Hashish, Morrocan Blond, Acupulco Gold, Jamacian, Santa Marta Gold, Sticky Columbian, Thai Sticks, and some beautiful buds from Humbolt's best along with more nasty looking bricks of Mexican dirt weed than I care to recall. I even spent a week in Amsterdam. And I must admit that marijuana never really impressed me as something I wanted to do day in and day out. Until now.

I've probably seen more pot and hash than anyone who might read this in my life. I've known a number of dealers and smugglers and laid eyes on 100's of pounds on more than one occasion. Two of my best friends are doing 27 and 32 years for participating in off loading an ocean going vessel in the St Lawrence seaway. Tons of hashish were involved. They did the "crime" in Canada and served 5 legitimate years there in Quebec but US authorities saw fit to trump up charges in the US and we taxpayers are footing the bill for 3 million dollars for their incarceration here in the USA for something they did in Canada.

I offer these facts as prelude to a series of posts I intend to make here over the coming weeks about marijuana and hashish and the radical changes we now see unfolding in several states. Medical Marijuana is now a reality in two states where I have deep ties and spend lots of time - Colorado and California. The truth is finally being told and the Genie is out of the bottle. Marijuana is a drug with tremendous potential in treatment of a number of medical disorders.

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Robert Melamede who is past head of the Biology Department at the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. Dr. Bob is a brilliant and engaging man on a mission to be the best informed scientist in the medical marijuana field. His work is available from his own personal websites and the websites of others and I intend to make it available here for those of you who read my weblogs and follow my links.

Thousands of Americans have been harmed by the forces of repression. Locked up for countless years for smoking a substance that may well have been good for them. Oil, rope, and pharmaceutical companies offered the economic incentive to back up the the backward thinking people who supported the repressive elements of law and law enforcement. They created a multi-billion dollar industry of enforcers and prison keepers.
The truth is out now and more is coming to light and this site will do it's part to spread the news and the facts in support of the process. Millions still suffer needlessly due to ignorance. There is more pain to alleviate, more neurological symptoms to mitigate, and more disorders to cure and only a small portion of the American people live where they can take advantage of the best known treatment for many of these medical problems.

In January of 2006 I was injured in a loading dock accident on the job. The accident resulted in complete replacement of my right shoulder by surgery. Something happened that resulted in chronic debilitating pain that resulted in pain management requiring significant amounts of Opiod based medications for over three years. The use of marijuana shows the potential to eventually eliminate the need for that pain medication.

Over the next few weeks I will take you through the available documentation regarding medical marijuana so you can make up your own mind about the situation. I've visited marijuana dispensaries and I can show you the WeedMap locating these dispensaries nationwide. If you live outside the handful of states where medical marijuana is available you probably have no idea how this works, what is available, or how one goes about using this treatment. Hopefully this series will make you aware of the present situation so you can make an informed decision