Jun 30, 2016



'OVERVOTES' IN DUVAL CO African American precincts:       27,000 Gore Votes 
Butterfly Ballot votes by elderly Jews in Palm Beach county       3,700 Gore Votes 
29,000 purged African American voters - just 10% would be       2,900 Gore Votes 

THAT TOTALS OUT TO 33,600 Un-Counted Gore Votes in a 587 vote margin  


Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his actions that set the stage for the anointment of his brother as president:
  • Under Jeb, Florida Secretary of State Kathryn Harris implemented a so-called felon purge (felons, unfortunately, are almost always disenfranchised in Florida) of the state's voter registration list through a firm called ChoicePoint. However, the denial of the right to vote as a result of the pre-election striking of names of voters included - by intention - the names of people who weren't felons but had similar names. If this voter suppression had not been implemented, Gore would have won Florida flat out by thousands more votes.

54,000 people were eliminated 54% African American on bogus grounds. i.e. a James Smoot – verified voter would be close in name to Jamis Snoot – a convicted felon. Both would have been eliminated the studies showed  54% is 29,160 African American's eliminated from Duval County rolls. 

If just 10% of these were bogus that's 2,900 votes 
  • Jeb told, Kathryn Harris to certify his brother as the winner of the Florida presidential election even though the vote count was still being challenged legally and a court-mandated recount was imminent. Harris's declaration on November 27, 2000, created a media meme that Bush was the "official" winner, even though the outcome of the election - due to thousands and thousands of uncertain ballots - was still in doubt.
  • It was confirmed that calls from Jeb and George to cousin John Ellis, who was "advising" the FOX election "decision desk," led to FOX calling the Florida election for George W. Bush at 2:16 AM on the Wednesday morning after election day. Not wanting to be scooped by FOX, the other major media outlets quickly followed suit. 
These are just three examples of thievish actions Jeb Bush took that created a context of "official victory" that allowed Antonin Scalia to lead the Supreme Court in a 5-4 coup, halting a recount in Florida and nullifying the votes of the US electorate that likely would have resulted in a Gore victory.
In a fair count, without shenanigans or election irregularities, the Miami Herald estimated Gore would have won Florida by 23,000 votes. The Bush strategy all along was to prevent a recount and run out the clock.
  • On election night, some television networks called Florida for Gore. Then Fox with a Bush cousin at the desk changed it to Bush clinching the electoral college
  • Gore called Bush to concede.
  • Then the networks uncalled Florida — and Gore un-conceded
  • The election was literally too close to call and a legally mandated recount began.
  • Bush (not Gore) sued to stop recounts in some counties.
  • Gore sued to extend deadlines for recounts.
  • The Florida Supreme Court ordered a more extensive recount. Bush (not Gore) appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court stopped the recount.
  • Gore conceded.

GORE WON THE POPULAR VOTE BY 600,000 with 268 Electoral Votes losing New
Hampshire by fewer votes than Nader received. 

The Florida margin was 587 votes

The Bush v. Gore decision by judicial conservative Justices.
These Justices believed in the preĆ«minence of states’ rights, a narrow concept of the equal-protection clause of the 14th Amendment, and, above all, in judicial restraint.
Bush v. Gore violated those principles.
The Supreme Court stepped in even though the Florida Supreme Court had been interpreting Florida law; the majority found a violation of the rights of George W. Bush, a white man, to equal protection when these same Justices were becoming ever more stingy in finding violations of the rights of African-Americans; and the Court stopped the recount -a classic example of judicial activism, not judicial restraint, by the majority.

The Court prevented Florida from determining, as best it could, whether Gore or Bush really won.

In detailed reviews over the next months it was determined that the early exit polls were correct – Gore had won Florida. What made this particularly egregious was Jeb Bush was Gov and Katherine Harris W’s Fla campaign mgr was Sec State in charge of elections. 
If you want to talk “RIGGED” that was the perfect situation for W. 

The Palm Beach "butterfly ballot," produced an absurdly large number of votes for third-party candidate Pat Buchanan. Elderly voters were confused by a new unique ballot design. The 2nd set of candidates on the left were Democrats Gore and Lieberman - but the second hole was for Pat Buchanan, who won 3,407 votes in Palm Beach—around 2,600 more than he received in any other county in Florida. Many of those voters were elderly Jews, thrilled to be voting for Joe Lieberman, the first Jew ever on a presidential ticket; instead, the confusing design had led them to cast their vote for Holocaust trivializer Buchanan.  Seeing the Democrats 2nd below Bush-Cheney they punched the 2nd hole. 

That's 3,400 Gore Votes right there 

There were thousands more "overvotes" than usual, especially in predominantly African-American precincts in Duval county (Jacksonville), where some 27,000 ballots showed two or more choices. Those Duval ballots spread choices for President over two pages with instructions to "vote on every page" on the bottom of each page. Those Overvotes – people confused by “vote on every page” would check Al Gore and would also write in Al Gore – that would disqualify their votes.  
African American precincts  Duval Co. 

27,000 ballots with overvotes 2 votes for Gore 

That doesn't even account for the Hanging Chads that seemed to be the key on TV 
The “hanging chads” were the tiny paper dots that did not completely disengage from a paper ballot card when punched.  In 100’s of cases the hanging chads would reseat in the hole when the ballot cards were stacked making the machine think that No Vote had been cast. 

With these things calculated and counted it was clear Gore was Florida’s choice. 
the one clear "rigged" election in US History.