Aug 15, 2011



It’s a funny thing you know. The information is all out there to be discovered or read. The information about how so many are duped into some mass delusion like:
JFK was gunned down by a lone assassin
WMDs were in IRAQ
Saddam was trying to purchase yellow cake from Niger
Trickle down economics will enrich the middle class
Putting more money in the hands of the extremely wealthy creates jobs
Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapsed from fire.
George W Bush actually won the 2000 Presidential Election
There is no global warming due to man’s activity
Climate change is a liberal plot
Hibbert’s peak is a myth
God gave man dominion over the Earth so we don’t have to care about the environment
Barack Obama is responsible for the debt and unemployment
The ‘liberal media’ lacks journalistic integrity
Fox News tells the unbiased truth
The Bible tells the literal truth
The earth is only around 8,000 years old
Man and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time.
Natural selection and Darwinian principals of evolution are nonsense
The Domino Theory (Vietnam falls to totalitarian’s & all of asia will fall) is undeniable
There were death panels in the Obama health care plan
Katrina hit New Orleans because GOD punished them for their sins
AIDS is Gods punishment for homosexuality
Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage
Termination of a pregnancy is murder of a child.
A good Christian would insist that Terry Schivao be kept alive on a machine
A good Christian would murder any abortionist
Homosexuals should be thrown in prison or executed
The Patriot Act is required to keep us safe
The war on drugs is required to save our youth
The war on terror is a noble cause well worth the cost
The founding fathers built this nation on Faith in God as a Christian Nation
Liberals want to redistribute the wealth (even though we've seen the greatest redistribution of wealth in history since Reagan from the middle class to the ultra wealthy)

These are all commonly held delusions by a substantial segment of the population fed by the fundamentalist Pentecostal evangelical LDS and SBC churches and right wing authoritarian political leaders aided by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News

A Brief History of the USA since 1956

Richard Milhouse Nixon runs the country for Ike setting into motion Operation 40 using E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Atlee Phillips, G. Gordon Liddy, Portor Goss and a bunch of Cubans exiled from Castro’s Cuba to engage Sam Giancana, Trafficante, Johnny Rosselli and Charles Nicoletti in several plots to assassinate Fidel. George H. W. Bush and his Zapata Oil company are involved in the CIA’s efforts and Bush begins his CIA career. George H. W. Bush is the son of Prescott Bush of CT who made his fortune helping the Nazi’s finance WWII.

1960 JFK is elected to the Presidency with the assistance of Giancana in Illinois and he appoints RFK as Attorney General. RFK then goes after the mob with a vengeance enraging Giancana. JFK barely defeats RM Nixon sending Nixon to California where he is soundly beaten by Gov Brown prior to announcing his retirement from politics.

1960 Allen Dulles dupes JFK into going forward with the absurd Bay of Pigs invasion planned by Dulles and Nixon. Afterward Dulles is summarily fired by JFK who says he will break the CIA into a million pieces. This puts CIA Operation 40 operatives and a crew of Texas wingnut oil men in position to collude with mobsters and other government officials in the elimination of JFK and a coverup. The homosexual head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover is enraged with JFK for putting his brother Bobby over him in the Justice Department and he wastes little effort trying to get to the truth.

November 1963. James Files, Charles Nicoletti, and Johnny Rosselli are the three shooters who murder JFK at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Files fires the fatal shot from the grassy knoll. George H. W. Bush and Richard Nixon are both in Dallas with LBJ and JFK on that day. LBJ appoints Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission along with Gerald Ford and Arlen Spector to complete the cover up of the assassination by pinning the murder on Lee Harvey Oswald

This Coup d'├ętat puts LBJ in office resulting in the deaths of over 58,000 and the wounding of over 250,000 young Americans in Viet Nam along with the death and incapacitation of over a million Vietnamese at a cost of a trillion dollars. A civil war we should have never been part of and that we lost. But that loss proved the fallacy of the Domino Theory and the pure delusion of the incredibly stupid anti-communist hysteria foisted on the American people by the McCarthyites for 20 years. The totalitarian dictatorships that use the word ‘communist’ to cover up – their dictatorial tyranny. Stalin and Mao and their heirs are ultimate authoritarians and their power is derived from Authoritarian Totalitarianism. The right wing authoritarians in this country use similar propaganda to arrive at a similar result. It’s a shared delusion

The ‘democratic’ totalitarians are more confusing to the undereducated people in the west. They use words like ‘freedom, democratically elected, capitalism, free market and power of the people’ while promoting fear and loathing of the ‘communists’ to control the electorate while doing everything they can to deny the truth to the people. It’s a shared delusion fostered by the right wing authoritarians.

In addition the American totalitarian authoritarians use religion – basic fundamentalist dogma and a professed belief in God – to cover up their basic lust for power. They insist on privacy, secrecy, and the surveillance state to “protect” Americans from “threats” they either invent or enhance and in some cases assist in order to gain and maintain authoritarian power over the people as part of the same delusion.

Richard M. Nixon becomes President in 1968 and he uses the same group of Operation 40 characters as ‘plumbers’ in an attempt to destroy the truth exposed by Daniel Ellsburg and his absurd inferiority complex drives him to bug the offices of the DNC even when there is no possible way he can be defeated by George McGovern. But driving Nixon from office does nothing to change the situation for the wealthy and powerful men who use Presidents as puppets to accomplish their ends – the accumulation of wealth and power.

The defeat of Gerald Ford by Jimmy Carter gives us a glimpse of truth as Carter tells us we need to conserve and cut back on the depletion of oil but Carter is an easy mark for the Right Wing Authoritarians and their unholy alliance with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and their fundamentalist “Christianist moral Majority” – yet another delusion.

So Ronald Reagan gains office in 1980 and begins the greatest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world. After FDR and Truman the oligarchs were effectively broken down to a situation where the weathiest 10% of the population controlled/owned 60% of the wealth and income. At this point in 2011 they own or control 90%. Reagan’s deregulation continued through George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton making possible the rise of Rupert Murdock, the Savings and Loan hijacking of the Treasury by people like Charles Keating, and finally the ultimate looting of federal funds by the likes of Halliburton and the military industrial complex during the mid-east terrorism wars, and the final insult of the mortgage crisis during “W’s” second term. Theft on a massive scale brought about by delusion.

Since Reagan the middle class has been systematically destroyed and the Rightwing Authoritarians have consolidated power to the point there is no way out. They can and have managed to elect an insipient fool like “W” to the presidency twice to get everything they ever wanted. And what they wanted was MORE. We are now back to a situation that is demonstrably worse than time prior to FDR when the Robber Barons took this country down the path to the Great Depression.

W and his handlers including his brother and Katherine Harris in Florida stole the election from Al Gore in 2000 and that was the last chance the country had to overcome the damage done by Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Bush ran the government for Reagan much like Nixon did for Ike and Cheney for W. With W the authoritarians proved that even a cheerleading frat boy C student with all the speech making ability of a 10th grade illiterate could be elected in this country if he invoked GOD.

Kevin Phillips AMERICAN THEOCRACY expounds on the power of the SBC and LDS in Presidential Elections. Take the LDS influenced states of Utah, Wy, Id, Nv, and AZ for 33 votes. Then add the line from ND to TX for another 62 votes from states that have both an SBC and LDS majority. Then add the solid Southern Baptist south - LA, Ark, AL, MS, TN, GA, SC, KY for 73 more electoral votes and that gives us 168 of the 173 required to take the White House. WVa offers 5 that went to McCain while Obama won in NV in 08 for 5. Missouri, Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina all have to be won by Obama for any chance at re-election. A Bachmann, Santorum, or Perry can win no matter how insane it may seem that our country suffers from this mass delusion.

Obama could carry a serious majority of the popular vote with big wins in New England, Illinois, California, and New York and actually have a million vote margin while losing the White House. In fact I predict a Republican “win” of the electoral college even while that Republican loses the popular vote by over 1 million.

Obama loses 7 electoral votes from his 2008 total as the population shifts west and south from New York, New
England, and Ohio. This is not a pretty picture for his hopes in 2012. The real strength of America from New York and New England to the creative power of California and the progressive inspiration of the Pacific Northwest and across the populous centers of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania is threatened by domination from the SBC south and the Mormon west with the vast featureless plains of Oklahoma to North Dakota. In many ways it’s too bad we don’t have two separate countries we are so far apart culturally and intellectually.

No need to pop off your absurd objections to the idea of conspiracy. There was no ‘conspiracy’ to murder JFK. It was a well planned and financed coup d'etat by the most powerful financial interests in this country aided and abetted by elements of the Clandestine Services division of the CIA expertly covered up by the deluded and power hungry director of the FBI complicit with Allen Dulles and the CIA and the politicians who benefited from his death. All three Kennedy brothers were eliminated from the power struggle for the soul of America. The situation is now totally untenable as the unholy alliance between fundamentalist religious elements that naturally support the idea of Right Wing Authoritarianism as Dogma and the political power and interests of corporate America with 90% of our wealth can do whatever they want and shove it down the throats of the people with 24 hour a day misinformation from FOX News and talk radio

We will never be able to stop the effects of climate change even with the consensus of 93% of the scientific community. We can’t even agree on the undeniable facts of the age of the Earth and the idiotic misinformation campaign against simple Darwinian natural selection.

The God Delusion may not be that there is no GOD. That cannot be proven because there is no evidence to support existence and since it is a matter of Faith no lack of proof is compelling to the Faithful. But there is no doubt that even the Fundamentalists don’t intend to follow every edict in their Bible. The God Delusion is that somehow God spoke to W and told him to smite Saddam or that Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry or Rick Santorum in the White House is a decision graced by the will of God.

The God Delusion is an affectation of the followers of Right Wing Authoritarians. They’ve deluded themselves into thinking that freedom of or from religion is not an option in the USA. Despite their protestations it’s clear they believe that law in the USA should include criminalization of homosexuality because of their Bible. Some actually buy into the Pat Robertson Jerry Fallwell delusion that God visited Katrina on New Orleans because of sin or that AIDS was an act of God against homosexuals or that Paul Hill and other murderers are ‘instruments of their GOD.

One day in the future we may know why building 7 collapsed at the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001. It will be far too late to prosecute the perpetrators just as it is now far too late to prosecute the perpetrators of the Coup d'├ętat in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963 or those who arranged the death of Bobby Kennedy.

One truth is clear. A significant majority of the wealthiest 10% of Americans are only interested in gaining more wealth and power despite what it may do to the country or what was once the middle class. Most people in this country just want a decent job and a chance to go home to their families and watch their kids dance of play little league or soccer. But many if not most have now been denied that opportunity because of the unlimited greed of the very wealthy and the lie that rich men somehow create jobs. The rich are now richer than ever yet the unemployment rate rises. That’s called a delusion.
Many have somehow bought into that lie just as they bought into the lone assassin theory promoted by Dulles, Warren, Ford and Spector and kept in place by Nixon, Bush and LBJ.

It’s a sickening truth that still makes me angry.
This country will collapse financially – . But we won’t even allow the absurd Bush tax cuts to expire in order to reduce this debt. We certainly wouldn’t want to tax the obscenely wealthy another 10% to save the country from financial collapse - Even if it would benefit the wealthy more than the poor. Many will cry “redistribution of the wealth” when they can’t even acknowledge that the wealth has already been redistributed from the bulk of us to the wealthiest 10% since Reagan
Liberal wealth redistribution is a delusion

This country will suffer a good deal more than most as either cheap oil runs out or climate change hits the point of no return or both. Many are somehow deluded into the belief that we deserve to use 25% of the world’s energy even knowing that the resources that make that possible are running out at the alarming rate of 90,000,000 barrels of oil a day.
Many are deluded into thinking the incredible rise of Carbon elements in the atmosphere is a natural phenomenon without consequence.
Denial of Peak Oil and Climate Change is a delusion

We are deluded – we know that W and his wealthy handlers pushed us into a war over WMD that never existed yet we watch people who should be intelligent and morally responsible attack Barack Obama as the cause of the current situation.
We know that those bent on accumulating even greater wealth caused the mortgage crisis with their instruments of mass deception CDOs and other bogus worthless paper instruments that brought the nation to the brink of financial collapse. They blame that on Obama and the money that goes to keep the dispossessed from dying on the streets WMDs were a delusion. Welfare and social programs are causing the financial collapse – that’s a delusion.

They think there is some kind of big government plot by liberals to take away their freedom when they want to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us by criminalizing homosexuality or early termination of pregnancy. They absurdly believe there is some kind of plot against Christianity when ostensible Christians are now in almost complete control of the Electoral College.
That’s a delusion – the GOD Delusion.

One does not need to be a prophet to read and learn the truth about the past or to extrapolate from the available information the inevitable future. Once we begin to see even more effects of the incredible greed of the wealthy on the financial system, and once we begin to feel even greater effects of climate change, and once we actually become aware of the reality that cheap available energy in the form of fossil fuels is running out even they will eventually be unable to deny the delusion.

Or maybe not.

We are only 3 years past the financial meltdown wrought by Wall Street and only 7 years away from knowing the truth about Iraq and the WMDs. But those revelations have had zero effect on the delusional.

Eisenhower R 1953–1957 71.4% 60.4% +6 -11.0% 83rd R, 84th D 83rd R,
Eisenhower R 1957–1961 60.4% 55.2% +20 -5.2% D D
Kennedy/Johnson D 1961–1965 55.2% 46.9% +30 -8.3% D D
Lyndon Johnson D 1965–1969 46.9% 38.6% +43 -8.3% D D
Richard Nixon R 1969–1973 38.6% 35.6% +101 -3.0% D D
Nixon/Ford R 1973–1977 35.6% 35.8% +177 +0.2% D D
Jimmy Carter D 1977–1981 35.8% 32.5% +288 -3.3% D D
Ronald Reagan R 1981–1985 32.5% 43.8% +823 +11.3% D R
Ronald Reagan R 1985–1989 43.8% 53.1% +1,050 +9.3% D 99th R, 100th D
Geo H. W. Bush R 1989–1993 53.1% 66.1% +1,483 +13.0% D D
Bill Clinton D 1993–1997 66.1% 65.4% +1,018 -0.7% 103rd D, 104th R
Bill Clinton D 1997–2001 65.4% 56.4% +401 -9.0% R R
George W. Bush R 2001–2005 56.4% 63.5% +2,135 +7.1% R 107th Split, 108
George W. Bush R 2005–2009 63.5% 84.2% +3,971 +20.7% 109th R,
Barack Obama D 2009– 84.2% 93.2% (2010) +1,653 (2010) +9.0% (2010) 111th D,

It’s clear that the myth of unreasonable spending during the terms of Democratic presidents is totally untrue. W’s debt increase was nearly 28% over 8 years
While during the Clinton years the debt decreased by 10%. Reagan and Bush 1 increased the deby by 30% over 12 years. The Kennedy Johnson years saw a decrease by 16.6%
The Nixon Ford years were a wash. And Jimmy Carter presided over a 3% decline. While the Eisenhower years saw a 26% increase.
Anybody having trouble seeing the picture yet?

It’s a DELUSION to consider Democrats as the prolific spenders. Even Obama was caught by the Bush administrations financial meltdown

Delusion will only end at the time of death for many. Wish I could be there when they learn the depth of their delusion. For others delusion will end with the financial collapse and the onset of a depression like none ever seen in this country. I may be here to see the effect of that collapse on their minds. For others it may be when gas hits $15 a gallon as part of that financial collapse. For others it may be a 4 degree rise in annual average temperature and the melting of the ice that covers Greenland, wiping out a lot of expensive coastal property. Don’t know if I will make it long enough to see it happen but perhaps you will and in advance “I TOLD YOU SO”.

In the meantime we can look forward to a Bachmann, Santorum, or Perry Presidency with population growth from unwanted pregnancy and a vast increase in prison populations from the criminalization of abortion and homosexuality. That kind of religious radicalization of politics will inevitably lead to violence and increased hatred of the American Taliban as they try to eliminate the vote for women. Their religion mixed with politics is a cyanide for America and you are deluded if you think God will somehow reward the country for enacting those laws. That’s a serious religious delusion.


Few people have the imagination or awareness to realize the fragility of this nation in the face of the dire consequences possible in the current situation. We've never faced a situation were so many factors of delusion converge with such polarizing political anger. The rhetoric has become as violent as the number of weapons in the hands of so many unemployed and militarily trained males. This is an extremely violent country and we have imprisoned thousands of men for smoking pot. There are thousands more in debt that they can never repay and millions who have no work and no hope. Many of these men blame the government because the right wing authoritarians along with the ultra wealthy have pushed the idea that government is evil. Many of these me believe in Armageddon, the rapture and a Second Coming. Think about 10 million American males that have nothing to lose and extreme anger against the government. A million Timothy McVeighs or Brevik's who believe the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants.

As the economy suffers further collapse and the price of a gallon of gas climbs to over $15 and it becomes impossible to put food on the table these political illiterates will blame the government and then the welfare queens and freeloaders but it will eventually dawn on them that their jobs were not exported to China by the weak. They will eventually look around at the gated communities and the multiple Mcmansions of the men who exported their jobs. They will then remember the Enron's and World Coms and the unbridled greed of the right wing authoritarians and it will dawn on them that their enemy isn't the poor jerk on welfare. The lights will eventually come on and they will begin to wonder about Cheney and Halliburton and W's claims of WMD's. Eventually they will figure out that it isn't the gays or the hippies or the poor that caused their misery and demise. They will realize the lie that giving more money and less taxes to the rich does not result in more jobs for them. Eventually they will wake up and realize that Ruper Murdock, Rodger Ailes, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have nothing in common with them. These filthy rich liars are simply the worst of the right wing authoritarian delusion.

Unregulated Capitalism will eventually drag this country into revolution and chaos. It doesn’t take that many hungry armed people with nothing to lose to loose the dogs of war against their oppressors in this country. 6.4 million men are now unemployed and want jobs in the USA – their jobs shipped overseas by their wealthy owners. Once that number starts to hit 5 million and people finally wake up to the truth that putting more money in the hands of the ultra rich has absolutely nothing to do with job creation it will become dangerous.
2.5 million in prison 6.4 million in the US want jobs and don’t have them
The 800 per 100,000 now in prison in the USA will reach 1000 soon and when we realize that’s really 1000 of every 30,000 males between 20 and 60 we will begin to see that the imprisoned plus the unemployed plus the black and Hispanic population will make it increasingly difficult to control. The trained military that will no longer be affordable as the economy collapses will return to a land where no jobs exist and where Blackwater is defunct. That’s a significant portion of 1.5 million males in the military (say 500 to 700,000)

And as the common people come to grips with the delusions that have been visited upon them there will be hell to pay. We face a dangerous uncertain future and that danger is not a few Muslim terrorists. That danger will come from the faithful armed followers of the right wing authoritarians who are trained and armed but no longer affordable. They smoke a little pot and have a relative or friend who is gay and a girlfriend or daughter or friend who is pregnant by mistake and they learn that the people they trusted to tell them the truth have been caught lying about everything they thought was true.

Eventually they will lay the blame for what has happened where it belongs and they will have nothing to lose when they seek retribution against those who destroyed their American dreams. We already know the authoritarians will strike hard in fear and those who see their intentions will eventually strike back.The Right wing authoritarians have no other way to go. They will make the mistake of thinking they can eliminate or imprison the monster they have created with their greed

People who have been deluded by their leaders have a common trait. They become enraged at the deceit. When they become hungry and unemployed they have nothing to lose and they are susceptible to serious rage. It will be difficult for the underpaid security forces to shoot those with whom they served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And those of you counting on a ‘second’ coming should beware:
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity. Surely so
revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
WB Yeats.