Aug 21, 2003

pReznit has lost confidence in Cheney crystal bald. Seeks help from "the Body".

BJ and Bustin's FREEPER POST OF THE DAY. Would it help this troll to know that Wellstone died in a plane crash?
"The silent majority is waking up, too slowly for me but still waking up. REmeber, the last election said it all when voters kicked out the welstones of the world and put the republicans in charge of the congress and WH. WE are the majority and we will rid the liberals of their BS. Thank God we have Bush in the white house as he seems to be bringing religeon back into our schools and homes."

Begining on Friday - Rush Limbaughtomy will be researching Tennessee Trolls on a trek across the Volunteer State ending with a fine tune of the Subwoofer section of the new MALCO CINEMAS 10.2 screening room in Memphis TN. Posting will be done from the road. This FREEPERCISE to see if intelligent life can be found will conclude with comments on the Ticking of Trolls in Tennessee. Non-trolls and non-freepers who are new to the site should be sure to read LIMBAUGHTOMIZATION for a clear declaration of purpose. Trolls and Freepers should mesmerize themselves with the hypnotic logo above and wait patiently for instructions from the first person who says "Freeper-Troll".
WARNING: The Hypnotic Freepercise Logo is designed for brainwave entrainment. Focus and concentrate on the logo and silently chant the following Freeper - money - country- good; Freeper - money - country - good; Freeper - money - country - good.

NON-FREEPER TROLL INSTRUCTIONS: Freepers will be mesmerized and hypnotized by this mantra and "open" to your suggestion. Use the words: Freeper Troll before any suggestion you wish to implant. One of my favorites is having them strip to their underwear, cover themselves in honey, and run through the local neighborhood with Bush/Cheney stickers pasted to their bodies. Be creative and take lots of pictures.

NOTE on these COMMENTS: Rush Limbaughtomy_ was originally a site for Rush comments. TREASON _ was set up for Annthrax. SAVAGE CRUEL BIGOTS _ was set up for Savage Day BUMS RUSH _ was set up for long posts. Each have common sitemeters that link to the main site Rush Limbaughtomy and all contain my posts and track my visitors. A number of rightwingers have decided that this metering somehow invalidates visits accrued to my sites and that this constitutes some kind of deception.
Sitemeters on my sites are all public (click on the meter) like eXtreme tracking and blogpatrol. There are no 'hidden' meters anywhere. My family of blogs is published by my family and friends. We stand behind every word and every link. We have nothing to hide and nothing to "lie" about. We fully expected much ranting and raving from the Rightwing on this post and we got it. I will leave these rants up in the comment section and warn readers that some use language that requires an R rating.
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