Oct 27, 2016


For My  Mother who used to do this well. 
The Planet Earth Our Home 
and Hillary who I hope lives up to the faith we place in her. 



Across great plains of waving grain
O're endless burning desert sands,
A hot wind sings through canyon lands
Then howls up ridges
Rides the rain
And dies in quiet beneath deep snows
On lofty peaks above the trees.
Where rivers flow to foaming seas
Beneath white sails full blown cool breeze,
High hums the rigging taut and strong
And keel to rudder rides huge waves
Of pounding surf in fog-drenched haze.

Thunder rolls up asphalt trails
Eight lanes of freeway
Silver rails of speeding trains
Fly streaking planes
crescendo swells
Of blaring horns, hot squealing tires
the raucous sounds from concrete caves
Rise between vast gleaming spires of glass and steel
To pierce the smog of smoke filled skies.

Above thin canopies of clouds
Shine countless stars
Vast galaxies of gas and light
And coming soon bad rising moon
Will kiss the colors of the sky
As sinking sun sets in the gloom

Down beneath skyscrapers high
The nightlife springs and prowls the scene
In syncopated rhythmic dance
Our bodies spin, hearts beat alive
Minds seek connection in a trance
Of sparkling eyes, inviting smiles a human touch
The ancient ritual erupts
And all our focus is aligned
To sing love's song in space and time.

In poetry of words and wit
Is life expressed?
The real surreal
This thing is

He roars with rage all spite and fear
What beast is this that mauls and tears 
Time tested fabric of our strength?
A selfish instinct that belief
Who dares assault the tried and true 
To sing divide and conquer blues?
The center holds until we fail 
We cannot falter or this tale
Of human decency won’t last 
Our future grows from honored past 

This planet Earth's pure air we breathe 
drink waters fresh, sail salty seas
The varied species all endowed with life on Earth
Are all around these sacred charges 
We must guard.

Our greed needs cease 
Some aims best change 
This Earth’s rich bounty must regain 
Once honored place - its' just deserts
There is no price, life has no peer
Earth serves us all so hold it dear
Cry - stop this mean and greedy rape 
Of soil and sea for fossil fuel!
For all the power you would command 
cannot replace  
This Promised Land

American - that’s what we are
All of us, each on our own
Then bound together we are strong.
This tribe diverse makes up our whole
This whole's our boon.
It’s not our skin or where we’re born
It’s not our sex or view of GOD.

We all have hope – we all need love
And some seek solace from above.
With faith so strong and flesh so weak
We need, we yearn then strive and seek
And most are bound to give their  best
To offspring born into this test
This perfect world where life can be
a horror or an ecstasy.

Time is the thief that takes us all
A memory left, a faint recall
So pass it on all down your line
Of love and blood and ties that bind.
The love you give's the love you own

Down deep beneath this surface shell
Of flesh and bone our spirits dwell
A spirit made of light so pure
Bright sparks - our souls
One simple truth
A truth we knew when we were young
Old Truth now new
WE are all ONE

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