Jan 28, 2017


The least educated voters in the USA have given us Donny TURNIP as leader. By that I mean this:
Of the bottom 20 states in terms of education (by a set of valid metrics that include education level and quality) only 2 went blue vs 18 red. All of the Top 11 are Blue States
The Darker the Better

Mass. NY, NJ, VT, CONN., MD, DEL, RI., NH, CO & MINN. all voted Blue
WVa gave the TURNIP the biggest margin of victory - That's arguably the dumbest state in the US
KY, MS, LA, AL, OK, AK, AZ, and TX  round out the Idiot Nine Red for TURNIP with only NV rounding out the Bottom Ten as the 1 Blue.
The next group on the Low End include: ID, MT, WY, ND, SD, IN, TN, NC, and SC 9 more Red States with NM, as the lone Blue  So of the 20 low end education states 18 elected the TURNIP.

Given that lack of education, it would behoove us to simplify in order to edify. The least educated and informed Americans are typically the most negatively impacted by Republicans and assholes like the TURNIP.


These graphs show REDISTRIBUTION OF THE WEALTH since 1980. A common piece of stupidity often stated by idiots goes: "the Liberals just want to soak the rich and redistribute the wealth to the poor."  We see this all the time in "Conservative" propaganda about some 'class war'.

Since Ronald Reagan took office preaching the "voodoo" economics of Trickle Down we have seen the greatest REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH in history. That is very TRUE

Problem is the REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH has been FROM the middle class TO the very wealthy

 The small graphs to the left can be increased in size if you click on them. They all show the same REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH in different ways.  Income, ownership, capital gains, tax breaks, you name it. Republicans came to power and immediately began to push his absurd TRICKLE DOWN economics program labeled 'voodoo economics" by George H.W. Bush who became his VP.

Of course, this was absurd, Even Econ 101 students know that putting more money in the hands of the wealthy does not create more jobs or factories. Jobs and industry are created by demand. When money gets into the hands of the less wealthy it gets spent on goods and services. Millions of dollars distributed to 5% vs millions distributed to 80%: which one will result in more purchases of goods and services?

Factories get built with jobs when there is DEMAND for products. Any idiot should realize that smart wealthy people will not build factories and create jobs if there is less money in the hands of the buying public. That makes Reagan and the voters who believed that money would trickle down with less taxes the biggest IDIOTS of the 80's and 2016.

By 1992 after 12 years of voodoo Republicans, Bill Clinton took office. In eight years the Democrats had reduced the national debt to near zero and a majority of Americans voted to put Al Gore in office - including the majority of voters in Florida. But W's brother Jeb and his campaign manager Katherine Harris - as Sec of State in Florida in charge of elections stole the election in Florida for W.

In eight years we went from a booming economy and near-zero national debt to an almost total collapse of the financial system. This collapse was exacerbated by the 9/11 attacks due in part to ineptitude at W's FBI with Ashcroft and the Fake WMD attack on Iraq in response. The 2 Bush wars and the Wall Street rip-offs came close to plunging us into another depression and American Taxpayers paid over 800 billion to save the system and bail out the failed banks.

In 2008 Barack Obama took office at the nadir of American financial power. His tenure in office saw us recover from that near collapse even while he had to fight an opposition Congress. And once again in 2016 a guy who got 3mil fewer votes took office when the Electoral Votes of the least educated states in the USA put the TURNIP in office.


RONALD REAGAN's 10 Reprehensible Crimes - a staunch McCarthyite who saw a Communist threat in every corner became a master criminal in the White House. The IRAN-CONTRA affair was a criminal act in violation of the express will of the Congress. Reagan empowered Oliver North and others to deliver weapons to the Contras - a group of drug dealing anti-government thugs - who opposed the Socialist government elected by the people of Nicaragua. Weapons were delivered to the Contra's in direct contravention of Law imposed by the Congress. Drugs were loaded onto those delivery planes and flown into the USA to be sold by Freeway Ricky Ross and others to the poor in Los Angeles. That money funded the purchase of more weapons that were sent to Iran to pay for the release of hostages.  

WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON - a semen-stained blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky led to a perjury complaint and the eventual impeachment trial of President Clinton. Yes that's true. Ronald Reagan could sell arms and deal drugs without rebuke but a blowjob and a denial under oath is an impeachable offense.  

GEORGE W. BUSH - Stupidity is not a crime. Lying to the American people about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction as a reason to attack Iraq certainly should be. Millions of Iraqi people died with thousands of Americans and the Middle East was substantially destabilized leading to the rise of ISIS. 
Then the lack of attention paid to Wall Street and W's economic plan that made it possible for people without the means to sign up for loans on houses they could not pay led to the brink of total financial collapse. While this is not specifically illegal perhaps it should have been. The greatest crime of the Bush II administration was stupidity. 
VP CHENEY is the best example of what should be criminal corruption in Washington D.C. As Sec of Defense under BUSH SR., Cheney wrote the plan to privatize the quartermaster function of the military - then he became CEO of HALLIBURTON, the company his plan was specifically designed to identify as the provider of that quartermaster function. That made Cheney wealthy and powerful and cost the US Taxpayers BILLIONS.  


DONNY THE TURNIP - a Criminal FRAUD - after his EV victory in the dumbest states in the USA - The TURNIP paid out 25 million to settle FRAUD complaints in class action suits. The electorate was well informed of this FRAUD but YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID.

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