Sep 3, 2003

At first glance these images have nothing in common - they represent the CNN stories of the day

On the occassion when I can stomach a little "cable nuze" I let CNN do the background as I work. Today's fare was surreal in it's own right without the fact that soldiers are dying, Iraq is in chaos, the oil companies are ripping us off, and Halliburton is picking our pockets yet CNN ignors it in favor of this compelling fare.

First we have Tucker Carlson unearthing the political leanings of Ms. Britney Spears in an enlightening interview about her "FAMOUS KISS" with Madonna at the MTV music awards. This stellar Carlson performance rivaled the work of Barbara Walters. There was Tucker eyes wide watching Ms Spears try to talk through a massive wad of Hubba Bubba. Between lip smacks the 21 going on 13yearold said Madonna was the only woman she ever kissed. Tucker sensing a scoop asked the politically astute songbird if she held the same views on the war as the Dixie Chicks. "we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens." (smack, smack, smile) she opined. "We should trust our Presidents to do what is best." Tucker sensing a Conservative entertainment coup asked: "And do you trust this President?" "Yes, yes I do." Later Ms Spears indicated she wanted to live in England because life is simple there. "They still have milkmen who deliver milk right to your door" she sighed "I like that." One is left to wonder if America will suffer a talent gap with Europe after losing both Spears and Johnny Depp to Europe in one afternoon.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is (or was) Paul Hill who went to his reward today at Stark Penetentiary in Florida on the signed order of Jeb Bush. We know the brothers Bush have no qualms about signing the death warrents of inmates, but Paul Hill must have given Pro Life supporter Jeb a moment's pause given the flack he is enduring from the Army of God. Presbyterian Minister Hill is a "True American Hero" to the Army of God and his final words in a television interview in which he expressed no remorse were "I believe in the short and long term, more and more people will act on the principles for which I started." (Hill was understandably nervous) Hill told reporters that he is a martyr in the anti-abortion cause and hoped his death would inspire more clinic attacks. This Pro-Life plea for more death from the soon to be dead will find no shortage of nut cases to heed the call for Abortionist Jihad. "Abortion doctors commit premeditated, cold-blooded murder 10 or 20 times a day,'' said the Rev. David Trosch, a Catholic priest from Mobile, Ala. "What Paul Hill did was absolutely justified. It was not murder. It was taking the life of a murderer who intended to commit further murders.'' Jesus wept as another Minister opined that Hill was now sitting with the Saints and Angels on the right hand of God.
In the end these two have only one thing in common - both are supporters of the Republican Right. At least Hill was before conviction lost him the right to vote and Spears is when she is not in England. I guess that made it easier for Jeb to sign that execution order. It was a good day to be a Democrat in support of the right to choose.
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