Sep 3, 2003

OPEN SOURCE POLITICS a metablog of progressive thought is now available for your reading pleasure. Today's edition features posts on a variety of subjects from a wide variety of authors. Be sure to visit and see the result of some very hard work by a wonderful group. Today Allen Brill of THE RIGHT CHRISTIANS leads with a visit to the John Kerry Campaign Kickoff in South Carolina Kevin Hayden charts the Jobkilla the Hut on his latest of many Ohio trips trying to save his own job while pretending to care about Ohioans. Lilith C. Devlin thinks Someone to Watch Over Me is way off key in this mis-administration. Jeff Alworth's Progressive Prescription reminds us that LIBERAL is not a four letter word and this is only Part 1.
The Rush Limbaughtomy contribution for today can be found with the Worst Hiring Slump Since the Great Depression Mark Kleiman's piece on the Valerie Plame Affair is incendiary. Heed the Call to Arms by Kenneth Quinnell and State of the Union by Paul Heller and get Trapped by Laura Poyneer while Reclaiming Labor Day with Joe Flaherty


The launch of Senator Kerry's Campaign with it's soldier/statesman theme in South Carolina was a welcome site yesterday. Regardless of the primary outcome his strong voice in opposition to AWOL Dubya Dumpjobs is a welcome relief. This writer is torn at this time between Kerry, Dean, and Kucinich, and a desire to see Al Gore in the White House. Rush Limbaughtomy will fence straddle until the saddle sores are too many to bear. There is support here for the "anybody but Bonzo the Chimp" campaign. Kerry made a very positive opening yesterday. All Democrats and Bush-Booters should be very happy about that. This fine man is a real warrior and veteran who puts Capt. Codpiece 'Bring em On' Chickenhawk - Air Warrior Of Legend in true perspective.

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