Nov 7, 2003

Canadian man testifies Halliburton subsidiary sold him warheads
11/07/2003 10:36:39 AM Albuquerque-- A Canadian man accused of illegally possessing 2,400 warheads at his Roswell counter-terrorist training center says they were legally sold to him. David Hudak testified Thursday that a United States subsidiary of Halliburton Company sold him the warheads as demolition charges. And he says the warheads didn't have detonators. Hudak says a company called Jet Research Center sold the devices to his commercial demolition company for one dollar and 35 cents each. Hudak says the warheads had failed inspection for use in military weapons.

Hudak is on trial in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque. He's accused of using U.S. defense information to train foreign soldiers. Prosecutors allege Hudak provided soldiers from the United Arab Emirates with training that had been denied them by the U.S. government.
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