Nov 8, 2003

Report: Katherine Harris Considers Senate Run - Would Likely Be Republican Front-Runner

ORLANDO -- Published reports say Rep. Katherine Harris is "seriously considering" running for the U.S. Senate. Harris became a Republican darling during the 2000 presidential election problems in Florida. She was Secretary of State at the time, but rode the wave to a seat in Congress.

Harris is still in her first term. But she tells the Orlando Sentinel she and her husband will "seriously consider" a run for the Senate. Some observers say a decision to enter the race would make Harris the automatic Republican front-runner.

Sen. Bob Graham announced early this week that he would not run for another term, setting up primary dogfights in both parties.
Elder Bush presents award to Kennedy

U.S. Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy, a harsh critic of the current Republican president and his father, received the 2003 George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service on Friday.

"We regularly differed on the issues and there were times when we were at each other's political throats, but at the end of the day, we are Americans who love our country and want the very best for it," the elder Bush said in honoring Kennedy. "Our prescriptions for what ails America may be different, but each is born of the same patriotic concern," Bush said.
Then he threw up all over Barbara
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