Oct 9, 2003

Top Ten Items On Rush Limbaugh's To-Do List

From David Letterman via The Magnificent Madelaine Begun Kane

10. Apologize for racist remarks by explaining he was high on illegal painkillers

9. Pat down friends and family to see who's wearing a wire

8. Announce his candidacy for governor of California

7. End pill addiction -- get back to sandwich addiction

6. Search desperately for some way to blame the Clintons

5. Make moves on soon-to-be-single Halle Berry

4. Tell Donovan McNabb derogatory remarks were part of new season of "'d"

3. Brunch with Robert Downey Jr.

2. Dinner with Trent Lott

1. Check job listings for pompous blowhard

The Cosmic Iguana hits on potential Gropenator lawsuit number one - this one from the UK and Thars gold in them thar wars.Republic of Seabrook
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