Oct 9, 2003


There has been a steady moan and groan by Democrats aided by a hearty upbeat blast by Republican pundits and weblogs claiming that the Schwartzengroper victory spells DOOM & GLOOM for Democratic Presidential hopes in 2004.

Although only 4.5million Californians made the mistake of voting for pReznit Lies Like a Rug while 5.8million ply the Golden State freeways with "Don't Blame Me" stickers adorning their vehicles, popular sentiment seems to be that Democrats are now in big trouble in our most populous state.

Doesn't anybody look at the facts anymore before opening their overworked mouths and pens?
Just look at the record:

Kennedy 1960: Pat Brown (D) was Governor (Nixon won California)
Carter 1976: Jerry Brown (D) was Governor (Gerald Ford won California)
Ronald Reagan: 1980 1984 Jerry Brown (D) was governor (Reagan won CA.)
Bill Clinton: 1992, 1996 Pete Wilson (R) was Governor (Clinton won CA twice)
Bush 2000 Elected when Gray Davis (D) was Governor (Gore won California)

In 7 of the last 11 Presidential Elections the candidate elected President was the candidate of the party NOT holding the Governorship of California. In recent elections the record is even stronger where 4 times in 6 the Governor could not help the party candidate for President. In 2000 the Democrat Gore carried California despite the Governorship of the very unpopular Democrat Gray Davis.

So the odds favor the Democrat in California by a WIDE margin if Presidential elections hold true to form in California and in this particular case the incumbent pReznit logged 200,000 votes less than the Republicans of 2003 in the larger turnout of 2000. This is evidence of the lack of a palatable choice for Democrats in Tuesday's election since the choice was Davis (no on recall) or Bustamente (who failed to inspire Democrats).

Quit the whining and moaning Democrats and stop your gloating Republicans. pReznit Birdfood for Brains couldn't carry California with a billion dollar campaign fund. He's not even a 'bad' actor.

NBC's Tim Russert spoke about this result improving Brush for Brains chances and this article is typical of Republican comments:
Republicans in Washington and California were heartened that Ahnuld's victory will boost Bush's prospects for winning the nation's largest state next year. California will carry 55 electoral votes, the most of any state. One of the California Republicans said Schwarzenegger's campaign helped fuel a surge in GOP registrations this year, by about 130,000 voters, and dramatically drove up Republican fund raising in the state. "The Democrat party and the Democrat presidential candidates should take heed," said Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie.
Or this from supposed LIBERAL Dean Esmay
You can see the election numbers right here. Wow. Arnold did more than just win. He utterly crushed the opposition. Out of a field of well over 100 candidates, he got very nearly half of all votes, in an election with the highest turnout in California--maybe American--history. (ED note: Esmay is factually incorrect about both California turnout - since this election got 60% of registered voters as opposed to 71% in the 2000 Presidential Election - and some supposed American record.)

Republicans are smiling this morning to realize that the two Republicans in the race garnered 60% of the total vote. Democrats will suggest, with some justification, that part of that is simply the phenomenon of Arnold, but there is simply no doubting that this has huge repercussions for both parties in that state, and may play big in the Presidential race next year.
Schwartzengroper and McFlintlock combined for 4.7million votes total which is 200,000 more than Bush garnered in 2000 but it does not constitute some landslide for California Republicans since it doesn't come within a million votes of Al Gore's total in 2000.

Of course the Idiotarian Rotweiller takes it beyond the absurd:
At this time, we could run Mickey Mouse for Prez in '04 on the Republican ticket, and he'd win in a landslide. The Dimocrats have completely lost whatever tenuous grip on reality that they might have had left, and I'm laughing my butt off watching the meltdown. and This:

Historic? You can say that again!
Two Republican candidates taking about 60% of the votes in KALIFORNIA? That's like Bush winning a general election in *spit* france *spit*. (Ed. note: The expectoration is the Idiotarian's who spits on every FrancoAmerican and everyone of French extraction everywhere)
Once again with gusto: the 4.7million votes for Schwartzengroper and McFlintlock totaled a mere 200,000 more than voted for Brush for brains against Al Gore in 2000. Does anyone seriously think Gray Davis will be the Democratic Nominee for President or that pReznit Bring Em On would not be Terminated by the Gropenator in California? Discuss among yourselves

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A Late added note: Mitch Berg of A Shot in the Dark - a Conservative Republican Bush supporter has the temerity to label the Limbaughtomy's author as "barely literate". To that I offer this retort: This is an interesting shot in the dark considering the source. Given Mitch Berg's reference (the post below), I am left to ponder his evaluation of his idol - Brush for Brains. Does he consider the pReznit semiliterate, subliterate, or functionally illiterate? Thanks for the link and the laugh Mitch.
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