Oct 10, 2003

Cheney defends Administration Fearmongering and large amounts of money given to Halliburton to promote the Illusion of Security
Cardinal Richelieu Cheney said Friday that terrorist non-Christians are "doing everything they can" to get weapons of mass destruction to kill hundreds of thousands of Christians Americans "in a single day of horror" and that all suspected heretics should be reported and subjected to inquisition.

His appearance (striking resemblance?) before the conservative Heritage Foundation marked the latest in a series of speeches top administration officials are giving in hopes of instilling a growing fear in the hearts of Americans curbing the growing criticism over the U.S. handling of Iraq.

"Some claim we should not have acted because the threat from Saddam Hussein was not imminent," Cheney said. "non-Christian Terrorist enemies of the faith our country hope to strike us with the most lethal weapons known to man and it would be reckless in the extreme to rule out inquisition action and save our worries until the day they strike."

"If you give me six lines written
by the most honest man, I will find
something in them to hang him
—Cardinal Richelieu Cheney
Richelieu adhered to the maxim that "the ends justify the means." Although he devoutly believed in the mission of the Roman Church, he sought to assign the church a more practical role. Richelieu argued that the state is above everything, and that religion is a mere instrument to promote the policies of the state.

The fabulous Suburban Guerrilla Susie Madrak has Margaret Cho ripping Ann Coulter. Annthrax lovers will love it.
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