Oct 26, 2003

Those Nasty Liberals at CBS Have Really Done It This Time
Nancy is not Amused

One shock scene in the final production script for CBS's upcoming telefilm THE REAGANS captures the former president declaring he is the anti-Christ.

****The Script p. 209 During Iran-Contra Scandal --


Reagan and Nancy sit in front of their breakfast. They can't eat. Can't drink. They're numb.

REAGAN: It's Armageddon... that's what it is. Armageddon. The Leader from the West will be revealed as the anti-Christ, and then God will strike him down. That's me. I am the anti-Christ.

NANCY: No, Ronnie...

REAGAN (overriding): And the Lord will strike down all of civilization, in order to make way for the new order... a new Heaven and a new Earth...

Nancy reaches out, grabs his hand, strongly.

NANCY: Hold on. You've got to hold on, Ronnie.

Reagan's eyes are filling with tears. He can't help it. He's crumbling.

REAGAN: I saved 77 lives in 7 years, Nancy... But I couldn't save those people in Lebanon.

Nancy gets up, puts her arms around him. She rocks him slowly, silently, back and forth.

The video trailer shows clips drawn from the film and portrays President Reagan as an amiable dunce, manipulated by his scheming wife – a man who had little control over his presidency.

The film offers liberal Hollywood’s version of Reagan’s life from his days as an actor, when he met actress Nancy Davis, through his White House years. Among the "revelations" in the new movie:

Reagan was a second-rate actor who never had serious roles: Reagan complaining, “Glenn Ford gets Rita Hayworth and I get the chimp.”

Reagan depicted as not being interested in running for either governor or president and having to be pushed into doing so by his wife.

Richard Nixon telling Reagan to pick William J. Casey as CIA director and Alexander Haig as secretary of state. Upon learning that Reagan planned to nominate Haig, Mrs. Reagan is quoted as saying, “Don’t say I never warned you.”

Nancy Reagan demanding that her husband fire Al Haig: “Al Haig has got to go – get rid of Al Haig or you’ll never end the Cold War.” Reagan resisting and telling his wife, “Get off my goddamn back!”

Patti Reagan telling her mother that she’ll never have children because she is “not going to screw them up like you and Dad screwed me up.”

Nancy Reagan telling her daughter, “You hate everything your father stands for, but when you need his money, you always come back and ask him to rescue you.”

A merry Reagan with his wife, when he learns his son Ron Jr. married, saying, “At least we know he’s not gay.”

Nancy Reagan pleading with her husband to support giving condoms and needles to drug addicts to stop the spread of the AID epidemic.

Gorbachev pleading with a stubborn Reagan at their first summit to “stop this arms race” before it is too late.

A controlling Mrs. Reagan making clear to White House aides: “You don’t call the president to tell him something, you call me.”

A forgetful Reagan who can’t even recognize his national security adviser, Robert McFarlane: “What’s you name?” Reagan asks McFarlane. McFarlane responds, “I’m your national security adviser; perhaps you don’t remember me.”

Reagan blaming Oliver North for the Iran-Contra scandal: “Tell them to ask that lying son of a gun Oliver North.”
This doesn't sound like your BUSH the Hero of 9/11 movie

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