Oct 27, 2003

Does Clear Channel's Rush Limbaugh Have AIDS?

In his column, "From Bush to Rush: Which Lie Did I Tell?", political analyst Al Martin writes that "people have been commenting on the physical appearance of Rush Limbaugh. Here was a guy who was 100 pounds overweight all his life. Over the last 18 months, he has lost 200 pounds. And commentators are saying he looks just like an AIDS patient The amount of weight he's lost, the sunken in look. He's also mentioned he doesn't have any appetite, can't eat anything anymore and can't keep things down."

This blockbuster column published on Al Martin Raw: Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence (www.almartinraw.com) questions the many lies that Rush has told in his bid to remain as the top mouthpiece for the Bush Cabal in the media. "If he does have AIDS, it's highly unlikely that gay activists would embrace him," Martin continues. "But Clear Channel is definitely easing him out. You can tell that the process has begun because everybody on the right is singing his praises.
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