Oct 26, 2003


Given the dismal failures of the current resident SouthKnoxBubba thinks "dubya" might not be the strongest Republican candidate for next year's selection:

Republican candidate roundup.

Everyone assumes George Bush will be the GOP candidate and is assured of reelection. I'm not so sure. The way things are going, he could be facing some tough challengers for the nomination. Here's a rundown of the potential Republican candidates for the 2004 presidential election:
It's a hoot go read it here

Arms And The Man keeps us up to date on Who's Making A Killing On Killing In Iraq
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Sick of Bush is sick of the lies, the soildiers who have died, the mothers who have cried and the money they have pried from everyone but the wealthy corporate well connected Republican interests in America. Please welcome Douglas and continue to be Sick of Bush.

This prodigious pachyderm ponders the crimes of Republican Politicians
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Smart Solid and Stimulating SPEEDKILL slips into the League of Liberals.
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