Oct 12, 2003


Thanks folks, for confirming my view of human nature. Next time I hear some liberal ranting about how hateful conservatives are, and how caring and compassionate liberals are, I can look back at this outpouring of loving compassion and remember that we are all, every one of us, assholes at heart. Petty vindictiveness will trump decency every time. Rich Hailey from Shots Across the Bow

There is nothing petty (insignificant or unimportant) in my vindictiveness Rich. My justifiable, tenable, and warranted - considered, vital, consequential, and decent rage against Rush Limbaugh is well deserved and serves me and others like me well. Everyone who is fair-minded, compassionate, and a lover of truth and decency should lift up their voices in a chorus to rejoice in the fall of Rush Limbaugh and whatever reduction in his ability to spew lies, hate, and discord occurs from this Divine blow to his authority and evil power.

Reaping what you sow is the subject of this very public lesson in the fruits of hypocrisy and divisiveness. Rush Limbaugh has been the archetypical icon of discord, deceit, and divisiveness all his career. He has sown hatred and fear, lies and mistrust by the acre. For the love of money and fame he has twisted his God given gift and talent into an instrument of pain and suffering for anyone who has had the temerity to disagree with him. Every day of his career has been an exercise in exploiting our tendencies toward rage and fear instead of reason and love. He has self-righteously proclaimed that his "talent on loan from God" is somehow Divinely inspired and he has turned that talent into a tool of the basest most ignoble traits of humanity. He is contemptible and he deserves our contempt.

Rush Limbaugh may well be the single most important element in the ascent to power of the current regime. His 20million listeners who have been abused and misled by his lies and deceit have tipped the balance of power to the hands of the present (mis)leadership. Today those among us who love all Americans and all peoples rejoice at the fall from grace and loss of authority and power of this voice of hatred and fear. We have been given a gift from a higher power which evidently wishes a return to true compassion and humility on the part of the World's most powerful and wealthy nation.

On this Sunday I thank that higher power for the assistance in bringing down this icon of hate and divisiveness, and for my part I urge those who love freedom and justice to raise their voices in praise of the power that has brought Limbaugh to his knees and silenced the most powerful voice of fear and deceit in the history of America. There is nothing petty in that Rich. There is true justice and vindication in this divine chance at a return to reason and compassion in the national debate.

The purpose of my blogging and my prayer has always been that Rush Limbaugh be silenced and brought low for the good of this nation and humanity. Today I rejoice because that prayer has been answered and faith has been restored. The mighty arrogant and wicked Rush Limbaugh has fallen. May a wiser more compassionate human being rise from the ashes of his self-immolulation. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

"Until I found out Limbaugh was an addict on Hillbilly Heroin, which means you can call him a junkie, I couldn't understand how he could keep repeating the same lies day after day. Suddenly, we find that it wasn't Rush the right-wing radical talking. That was just a junkie's babble you were hearing." Jimmy Breslin

"The problem with painkillers is they also work on existential pain, the kind that originates in the mind, such as might be experienced by a right-wing radio host who doesn't have Bill Clinton to torture anymore." Newsweek

"No matter how much Limbaugh frets about "the media," he IS the media. He wields more clout, makes more money and has a larger audience than a dozen Michael Moores. "I'll tell you everything you need to know. You never need read a newspaper again. I'll read them for you and tell you what to think." Limbaugh says. This was Bill Bennett squared, Newt Gingrich to the third power. There's nothing better than a hypocrite exposed!" Chicago Sun-Times

"Under new federal sentencing guidelines, possession of the amount of OxyContin that Limbaugh purportedly bought (through his housekeeper) could get him 10 years in a federal penitentiary. Florida laws are far less stringent -- unless prosecutors decide to go after him for related crimes, such as money laundering. In any case, he's in a lot of trouble
Conservatism is by its very nature an elitist philosophy. A thinking conservative would be bothered not in the least by the idea that it's fine for a cultured and civilized citizen to indulge in an activity that might cause chaos when indulged in by his inferiors The Oregonian

In his public radio rants, Chickenhawk-Dope Fiend Rush Limbaugh has shown little tolerance for drug users -- despite recent revelations that Limbaugh himself is addicted to Oxycontin,also called 'Hillbilly Heroin.' Using the canard of "family values" (not unlike his fellow faux-conservative pal, gambling addict and ex-drug czar William 'Bill' Bennett), Limbaugh subscribes to the "Do As I Say Not As I Do" School of Moral Theology. Other apologists like Dennis Prager continue to defend dope fiends -- as long as they profess to be either "Christian" or "conservative." Conspiracy Planet
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