Oct 13, 2003


A drug addict has a psychological craving as well, which returns even when the physical dependence is overcome. The best-known treatment center Hazelden claims that 53 percent of its patients stay clean for a year—in other words almost half its clients relapse within months. Nationwide, 12-step programs do poorly in treating painkiller abuse: relapse rates after a year approach 80 percent. Limbaugh has tried treatment twice before this.
There are many reports of Rush's ability to drive a golf ball 250 yards and participate in The Bob Hope Classic and the Pebble Beach Pro/Am despite his claim of abusing the medication because of his herniated disk. This seems to be a pattern leading back to his military deferment for an "Anal Cyst" that supports the notion that the Limbo Mumbo Jumbo will use any excuse to escape responsibility while holding everyone else to a higher standard.

Blue Streak posts about group blogs The tip is from Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

South KnoxBubba has a lively comments section on the Drug Rush

Kevin Hayden returns to blogging at The Reach Em High Cowboy Noose Network with this entry about electoral politics and his decision to leave the group blog that he started and made so successful.

Earl at Prometheus 6 covers a frightening incident that happened to a friend. This is a story you need to read. And P6 is a Titans Fan

The Hampster covers the new Newsweek Poll with some good news for Democrats

Susie Madrak of the Suburban Guerrilla watched Joe Klein take down Peggy Noonan. Go there for the blow by blow - links to the Daily Howler

The Democratic Veteran tells us that Guvnor Enrongroper has already started with the Enron Agenda
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