Oct 11, 2003

BREAKING STORY: Valerie Plame is just one of two 'outed' NOC's and NOVAK knew

Robert Novak: December 3, 2001 Inside Report: Not Secret CIA
Exposure of CIA operative Johnny (Mike) Spann's identity as the first American killed in Afghanistan is viewed by surprised intelligence insiders as an effort by Director George Tenet to boost the embattled CIA's prestige.
The Cosmic Iguana has another CIA outing for us to consider:
The father of slain CIA officer Johnny "Mike" Spann said Thursday he believes an independent counsel should investigate allegations that someone in the Bush administration exposed a CIA officer's identity -- an act he called treasonous. Spann, the first American killed in Afghanistan, died in a prison uprising. His father, also named Johnny Spann, said he is still angry because he feels his son's identity and hometown were disclosed before his son's family could be adequately protected. see the links at the Cosmic Iguana.
UPDATE: The Cosmic Iguana has already updated this story with news that no less than Robert Novak himself took CIA Director Tenent to task over the posthumous "outing" of NOC Johnny 'Mike' Spann
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