Sep 2, 2003

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Something is terribly wrong in the White House. Something far more twisted and un-natural than interns and cigars. This country is going to the dogs from the top down. Puppy McScrewed-the-pooch is obviously in love. Is Barney a Bitch or is the pReznt involved in a Dog on Man relationship? Where is Senator Santorum? Is Laura in the doghouse? Has Barney raised a leg on the head Bush? Stay tuned as this canine scandal sheds all over the place.
Labor Day Weekend update:
SouthKnoxBubba featured a typically entertaining yet unusually caustic post on IRAQ and ROLL - and the attention deficit disorder of the so-called media.
SICK OF BUSH is sick of Bill O'reilly and catches him in another 'whopper of the week'. We agree with SOB - Stick a sock in it Bill.
LEAN LEFT puts the heat on what's hot - all that hot air from O'Reilly, the Press, and the White House may have much to do with the latest global warming report.
RESONANCE and GRANNY RANT both boost the BAGHDAD BURNING bit on BUILDING BRIDGES ballyhooed in Bubba's rant.
DEMOCRATIC VETERAN is on the trail of the totals of wounded in smirky the play pReznit's mission accomplished. He finds the number at 10 a day but you really have to look
LONG PAUSES fullfills an obligation for all RTB East members in his post on the first of 13 Volunteer Victories on the way to the Sugar Bowl and NC 3 in 2003!
TREASON ONLINE fans the flame of the widely spread rumour that Annthrax Coulter is a burning bush - this event is noted by the Peoples Republic of Seabrook and Newsweek Online.
TO THE BARRICADES! Labor Day post suggests a more appropriate name "Corporate Profits Day"
FANATICAL APATHY congratulates the USA workforce as "The most productive in the World" and that must count for something? Right?
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