Aug 23, 2003

Part III of TROLLING IN TENNESSEE: Search for signs of intelligent life.

FREEPERS, FALWELLIANS, FAUX NEWS FANATICS, ASSCRAFTERS, BUTTCANNONS, CARLSONITES, COULTERGEISTS, 700 CLUBBERS, PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN PATRIONAUGHTS, HAN-NINNEYS, HORRORWITZES, HALFWITS, HESTONIAN GUN NUTS, DITTOHEADS, & NEWS-MAXED DRUDGES: RightWingNuts one and all this is for you. Trolling in Tennessee with BJ and Bustin is exploring the political orientation of some of the inhabitants of Tennessee in search of any semblance of logic or intelligence. Day two Cleveland

South down I-81 28 miles north of Chattanooga sits a unique town of 37,000 people who are 96% WASP. 4,000 are students at Lee University and the Church of God Theological Seminary and many are employed by the headquarters of two major mainstream Pentecostal Denominations - the Church of God and the Church of God of Prophecy. Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic and "Blessed" with the gifts of revelation, utterance or inspiration, the discerning of spirits, miracles, healing, prophecy, tongues and interpretation. 100 COG Pentecostals outweigh 10,000 Presbyterians or Lutherans in fervor. Here in Cleveland GOD IS MY CO-PILOT, NRA, BUSH/CHENEY, and Stop Abortion Now bumper stickers are the common combination. Al Gore got 5,000 Bradley County votes in 2000 while rich Republican war promoter Bush got 20,000. No surprises here. These people in the foothills of Appalachia left the Southern Baptist Church because it was not literal enough. This is Army of God recruiting territory where white males make the rules and money in the odometer roll back center of the world. They resurrect souls like they resurrect cars and both are 'born again'. Any candidate or party needs to ask if these are the voters they want to attract. BJ and Bustin fit right in here in Cleveland where winning would not be a victory. Bradley Co. Pop 87,965 percent change, 1990 to 2000 19.3% White 93.0% Black or African American 4.0% Median income $35,034 below poverty 1999 12.2%. High school graduates 73.3% BS/BA degree or higher 15.9%
A Retired Republican Ward Chairman cleaning a bird feeder on the balcony of his condominium apartment outside of Cleveland slipped and fell 4 stories to his death. He was standing on a chair with wheels when the accident occurred, said police "It appears the chair moved and he went over the balcony." His wife indicated that the long time Republican wanted to take early retirement but was forced to continue work because of portfolio losses due to Adelphia and Enron. Friends say he remained rabidly Republican despite these financial setbacks. “He would rather be broke than admit he was wrong” said his wife, “I guess he was both”. His wife indicated that she had always voted Democratic despite pretending otherwise. “John was a decent man” she said, “He just wasn’t very bright.”
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