Aug 24, 2003

PART IV of TROLLING IN TENNESSEE: Search for signs of intelligent life.

FREEPERS, FALWELLIANS, FAUX NEWS FANATICS, ASSCRAFTERS, BUTTCANNONS, CARLSONITES, COULTERGEISTS, 700 CLUBBERS, PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN PATRIONAUGHTS, HAN-NINNEYS, HORRORWITZES, HALFWITS, HESTONIAN GUN NUTS, DITTOHEADS, & NEWS-MAXED DRUDGES: RightWingNuts one and all this is for you. Trolling in Tennessee with BJ and Bustin is exploring the political orientation of some of the inhabitants of Tennessee in search of any semblance of logic or intelligence. Weekend in Sevier, Cocke and Blount Counties Day 3

Sevier County is home to 75,000 growing from 1990 to 2000 39.4% White 97.3% Black or African American 0.6% High school graduates, 74.6% BS/BA or higher 13.5%. Median income 1999 $34,719 Persons below poverty in 1999 10.7%. 32 percent of Sevier Co. residents voted for Al Gore and 66 percent voted for pReznit Bush. The Sevier County population swells up to 40,000 during vacation season with lower and middle class tourists often in large church groups. These tourists are invariably white and many relocate to the area accounting for the huge growth rate. The tourists stay mainly in Pigeon Forge TN, a strip of raceways, arcades, waterslides, and souvenir shops featuring plastic black bears. The tourists rarely see any wildlife because so few venture into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. BUSH/CHENEY, Don't Blame Me I Voted for Bush, From My Cold Dead Hands, and Pro-Life bumper stickers are displayed along with Dollywood and Christus Biblical Gardens. A trip through Pigeon Forge in the Summer is like constant rush hour in Columbus or Cleveland where bumper to bumper traffic through a world of discount shopping centers makes the 15 mile drive from Sevierville to Gatlinburg a three hour trip. All of this exhaust helps keep the Smoky's very Smoky. This once beautiful area has become an American vacation nightmare for people who once loved the natural beauty of the mountains now defaced with rampant ugly plastic roadside attractions.
Cocke County Population 33,884 percent change 1990 to 2000 15.2% White 96.2% Black 2.0% High School 61.2% BS/BA degree or higher 6.2% Median income, 1999 $25,553 Persons below poverty, percent, 1999 22.5% Cocke Co. borders the Smoky Mountains on the North and is home to Newport Tn. once known as one of the toughest towns in America. Cocke Co. residents were for Shrub 61 to 39 percent and for an area with 40 percent non HS grads that is no sign of intelligence. BJ and Bustin fill the Cocke County genepool:
In better times Sevierville was home to the Electro-Voice microphone factory and Newport home to loudspeaker manufacturing and distribution. A truck would leave Sevierville for Newport loaded with new microphones twice a week. One day at Mountain Sound in Knoxville two Cocke Co. residents stopped by and offered to sell or trade new EV microphones. After contacting EV we made a deal for three cases and sent them on their way in their NRA and Stop Abortion Now sticker covered pick up with gun rack. Turns out these geniuses had been stopping the EV truck in Stokley TN. on the drives to Newport and off-loading two or three cases of mics a week for over a month. Because they were not inventoried prior to their arrival in Newport the company thought someone was stealing parts in Sevierville. These Republicans knew nothing about Mountain Sound's close relationship with EV despite the EV signs on our doors. After being caught and losing their jobs the theives applied to be reinstated but they failed. That is Cocke County Republican genius at work.
A better view of the Great Smoky Mtn. park is afforded in neighboring Blount County - Population 105,823 grew 23.1% in the past decade White 94.7% Black or African American 2.9% High school 78.4% BS/BA or higher 17.9% Median income 1999 $37,862 Persons below poverty 9.7% (It will be interesting to see the data on income after 3 years of Bush.) The trip through Townsend to Cades Cove is a vast improvement over Pigeon Forge but don't expect it to last. Blount County is home to the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) and Maryville College along with SouthKnoxBubba. and Maryville Mayor Steve West of West Chevrolet on the Airport Motor Mile. Despite SKB's efforts the West forces polled 63 percent of the vote for Shrub to 36 percent for Al Gore.
A Republican Party worker in Newport TN. was attempting to clean out cobwebs in his basement. He declined to use a broom in favor of a propane torch. This caused a fire that burned the first and second floors of his house and fund raising records of the local Republican Party. Also lost in the fire were several hundred dollars in campaign flyers and signs.
There should be an obvious trend revealing itself as to why Gore could not carry Tennessee and no Democrat will carry Tennessee. Tennesse is known as the Volunteer State because it sent more of it's sons to war and death than any State in the Union. If there is a fight Tennesseans want in, and that makes it a greater mystery why they support AWOL Bush over Veteran Al Gore. Intelligence is hard to find in the extreme East of the State - next we head West.
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