Sep 18, 2016




There are no more despicable deplorable liars on the planet than the Climate Change Deniers. These paid shills who create doubt in the scientific evidence of Climate Change are a threat to the very life of the planet and will be responsible for the death and destruction inevitably visited on our grandchildren.
These Denier Liars are in large part found at THE HEARTLAND INSTITUTE and CATO among several others and they are paid by funding provided by KOCH INDUSTRIES and EXXON along with other Fossil Fuel Industry beneficiaries. The Denier Liars also include a majority of Congress bought and controlled by the Fossil Fuel Industry - the most powerful industry in the history of our World. 

The lowest and foulest of the Liar Deniers is the founder of CLIMATE DEPOT - Mark Marano, an aide to Sen James "the hoax" Inhofe known as the Rush Limbaugh of Climate. 
These Denier Liars claim there is no consensus among Climate Scientists that: 
  1. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, 
  2. Greenhouse gasses are causing warming of the planet 
  3. Mankind is responsible for the increased carbon dioxide.
This Anthropogenic Global Warming or AGW is what the 90 to 100% of expert Climate Scientists involved in the study of climate, ice, atmospheric chemistry, and geology agree is happening.
Doubter's claim it's the Climate Scientists who are in it for the money. That their research grants and funding depends on them doctoring results to prove Global Warming and Climate Change. But it should be clear to any thinking person that it's the Fossil Fuel Industry that has the unlimited funding and it is they who make millionaires of their LIAR DENIER Shills. 


The Denier Liars have produced something they call the OREGON PETITION PROJECT they claim has over 31,000 American Scientists who reject the claim of AGW.

The Liar Deniers mailed this card in bulk to thousands and thousands of people and got back some 31,000 of them. These are not Climate Scientists. They have not studied the ice, our atmosphere, or the Climate. Yet these 31,000 agreed to these statements:
  • The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.
  • There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate.

What kind of scientist would claim that limits on greenhouse gas emission would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology and damage our health and welfare?

What studies have these 31,000 people done that qualified them to make such outrageous claims?

First we cannot determine in many cases who these people are. These are cards sent by mail - there were no notaries involved - no way to confirm who actually completed this absurd form. What we have are a lot of names that once included The Spice Girls, Michael J. Fox, and even Charles Darwin (removed after being exposed) in the list of signatories. No one has checked if the person named actually signed the card or if the Ph.D. claimed is accurate. This is not science. This is a sham. 

Even if we accepted the names and "credentials" at face value this 31,000 that sounds like a big number is only .3% of the persons the Oregon Petition decided held qualifying degrees:
  According to figures from the US Department of Education Digest of Education Statistics: 2008, 10.6 million science graduates have gained qualifications consistent with the OISM polling criteria since the 1970-71 school year. 32,000 out of 10 million is not a very compelling figure, but a tiny minority - approximately 0.3 per cent.
No scientist worth his salt is going to agree to those outrageous claims, but you should know the fools and liars who signed their names to the claims that reducing CO2: 

  • will harm the environment, 
  • hinder science and technology and 
  • damage our health and welfare. 

Anyone who would sign such a statement does not deserve a Ph.D. or even a BA. You can find a complete list of those who the Oregon petition claims signed their cards HERE

That should serve as a clear indication of what Climate Science is up against in the effort to inform mankind about AGW. The well-paid shills of the world's wealthiest industry are obstructing every effort to curb the advance of global warming. They deserve nothing less than your anger and contempt. 


Several studies conducted independently (Oreskes 2004Oreskes 2007Doran and Zimmerman (2009)Anderegg et al. (2010)Cook et. al., 2013) have shown that 97% of climate scientists agree that humans are causing the climate to change, and that anthropogenic greenhouse gases are causing global changes to the climate. These views form the scientific consensus on climate change. 6 of the 7 studies done are linked in blue above. 

The Liar Deniers have desperately attempted to discredit and attack this consensus. As a result Dr. John Cook of the University of Queensland - has published THE CONSENSUS ON CONSENSUS - A SYNTHESIS OF CONSENSUS ESTIMATES ON HUMAN CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING this well awarded paper combines the overwhelming agreement by the most qualified Climate Scientists on the planet. These are the researchers who study the ice,  atmospheric chemistry and physics, the geological record, and take measurements of the molecules in the ocean and atmosphere and the temperatures at stations spread all across the planet. They are the men and women in the field drilling ice cores, recording the retreat of glaciers, bringing up water from the depths of dangerous oceans, and risking life itself at the bases of calving glaciers. 


Would you ask your MD for his opinion of AGW and expect it to carry the same weight as the people who have been on the front line in the field gathering the data required to make an assessment of where we are and what our impact has been? Of course not. 

These same scientists who constantly collect the data from across the globe and write papers for various Scientific organizations and journals. These papers are submitted for review to their peers in a rigorous process requiring months so what they present is widely accepted by the other scientists who are part of the global effort to understand our climate and the effects we may or may not have on it. This is the CONSENSUS of 90 to 100% of which we speak. This is what the LIAR DENIERS attack on the behalf of their fossil fuel masters and employers for money. 

In my upcoming segment two — LIAR DENIERS — HOW YOU CAN BEAT THEM, i will share what I have learned taking the DENIAL 101X course on EDX led by Dr. John Cook and staffed by dozens of Climate Scientists who can show you first hand in easy to follow video presentations the methods they use. These 5 to 7-minute video presentations with excellent pdf ‘handouts’ are cleverly organized to allow a layman to access the data and prove AGW to anyone. This Denial 101X course is nearing completion but you can go through the information provided for FREE. While you are there think about enrolling in CLIMATE CHANGE — THE SCIENCE course starting Nov 1, 2016.  
When you complete part two you will know how to prove  

  • 1) CO2 has risen from 315ppm in 1958 to 401ppm today
  • 2) That CO2 has the isotopes that identify it with the burning of fossil fuels
  • 3) Mankind is burning those fossil fuels
  • 4) The temperature is rising dramatically 
  • 5) The fingerprints of that temperature rise track with the rise in greenhouse gasses 
What do you conclude?
Liar Deniers would have you believe in some vast conspiracy among dedicated people doing scientific research at universities all across the world. These professors and their students are joined by over 200 recognized scientific organizations and a large number of government funded research groups. This “hoax” or conspiracy would involve all the different nations and competing universities somehow doctoring the data at thousands of temperature monitoring sites and controlling the flow of open source data from dozens of satellites. All of these records are available to the public. There is no hidden agenda. 

The not so well-hidden agenda comes from the right side of the political spectrum. The denial and doubt is not based on science but on politics and the fear that action on climate will promote more regulation. When Republicans are given free market solutions to the climate problem — like more jobs and investment opportunity from renewable solutions — they are far more likely to respond favorably. The evidence is now becoming so overwhelming that intelligent Conservatives are faced with a clear appearance of outright stupidity when they continue to deny that a problem exists.
The deniers are faced with a more difficult task with these intelligent Conservatives. Perhaps that is why a Republican like Trump and his followers seem so much more attractive. They are not hampered by a mental capacity to think for themselves. 
Use your own Occam’s Razor. What is more likely:
1) That this diverse multi-national group of Climate Scientists across the globe has conspired to manufacture a non-existent threat to the planet in order to keep a research grant that certainly does not make them wealthy. 
2) Greedy individuals with little or no scientific background, paid significant sums by the wealthiest and most powerful industry in history would do the job their fossil fuel masters pay them to do and manufacture lies in order to cast doubt on Climate Science and the Climate Scientist themselves?

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