Jul 21, 2008


Keith Olberman just NAILED it after the New York Times demanded it.

John McCain sees "Victory" as perpetual unending "Winning" with extra innings or periods always out there on 'The TIME HORIZON".

The Iraqi people want US out
The Iraqi leadership wants US out
The American people want US out
The Europeans want US out
for the Republicans Winning = Staying

Today is a landmark day for Obama and us Democrats
We finally have a clear and easily articulated argument for Barack Obama in the area of McSame's ostensible strength. Obama and we Democrats are safely on the side of the Iraqis, the American people and the world on leaving Iraq.

Although many of us have known that Republicans are for endless war up until now it has been difficult to prove something that seemed so preposterous.

The events of the past 72 hours have made it perfectly clear and impossible to refute.

Obama started this with his 16 month plan for withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. Despite the attempts to make it seem as if he vacillated or wavered his policy has been steadfast from the beginning.

Malaki in an interview with Germany's Der Spiegel magazine then came out solidly in favor of Obama's plan despite the desperate attempts of the Republican's to claim a mistranslation and to make Malaki retract his statement.

Bush then fell into the trap of trying to change name with yet another malapropism - The Time Horizon - thinking that gullible Americans would be confused by the transparent of the Chimp in Chief once again.

McCain then tried to foist off another clueless political spiel as an OP ED to the New York Times who to their credit asked only one thing - "Tell us what VICTORY in Iraq means".

And poor John McCain was left exposed as the fatuous wind bag and water boy for the Neocons and their military industrial complex - you know - the men in the shadows who want nothing more than PERPETUAL WAR.

This is an historic day for us. The situation that we have know in our hearts has existed for a very long time is now in the open in no uncertain terms.

For Obama and us Democrats - it is the will of the people of America, Iraq , and the World. - an end to the occupation of IRAQ.

Everyone of us should take this beautifully simple and devastatingly clear picture of the difference in US and THEM and post our version of it everywhere we have access.

They cannot drill their way out of this box.
They have put themselves in the spotlight and we need to amp up the illumination.

The Time Horizon is NOW
The PERPETUAL WAR MACHINE is fully exposed
Like Barack's shot from downtown Kuwait city that hit nothing but net this is a winner for Democrats that should be on full repeat from now until November. We now have all the ammunition we need to expose the war machine for what it is in every conversation on every forum in every chat room and in every comment section of every newspaper.

Hammer McCain with his inability to articulate what Victory means
Show the Time Horizon for what it is - Perpetual War.
Obama is scoring big this week and we need to have his back.
Today is a very good day to start this week.
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