Nov 1, 2008


after a month in Boulder Colorado (see the pictures below) I still had not had enough so I headed over to Asheville NC from Knoxville on Thursday to work with the Obama effort in Western NC

In Boulder w Jared Polis 4 congress

CU Day for Michelle Obama 

Michelle at CU

Saturday was a truly enjoyable day at Swannanoa GOTV headquarters

This is Whitemont Lodge in Swannanoa
It was a beautiful day in the mountains and you see the volunteers phone banking from the terrace

Our hostess was Nancy Alexander(in red)who provided this unique and beautiful place as the staging area for the 50 Volunteers who spread out across the area canvassing for votes or used their cell phones to phone prospective voters

There was no mistake that this is OBAMA for PRESIDENT headquarters in Swannanoa

This was the corner reserved for the data entry people where I spent most of the day registering the information gathered by the phone and canvassing people in the Vote Builder data base

Even the Smokey Mountain Black Bears are firmly in the Obama camp

Dolly and her partner kept a keen eye on the proceedings from the terrace

As the sun set over the Smokey Mountains to the West it had the feel of the sun setting on the Republican control of the executive in the USA

The Asheville Obama Headquarters was a beehive of activity on Halloween

If Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Nevada, and New Mexico are anywhere near as active and organized as the effort here in North Carolina and the effort in Colorado I cannot see how Obama can lose this election. I am optimistic that a similar effort in Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Georgia, and even Arizona could make this a landslide of amazing results on Tuesday.

Nobody is taking anything for granted. Every effort possible is being made to register every last vote for the Obama Biden campaign here in Western NC and I have to believe that is being duplicated across the battleground states.

If you haven't volunteered in your area or a nearby swing state I strongly urge you to GO NOW and help this amazing effort. There are some wonderful people out there doing everything they can to insure a brighter future for all of us
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