Sep 25, 2008


Yesterday's Photo Diary Part 1 covering Tennessee, Kentucky and into Missouri found at this link is continued from Camdenton MO to Oakley Kansas.

This is all supposed to be Republican territory in the rural hills and lakes of the Ozarks but there is ZERO evidence of McCain support. Not a single McCain sign or bumper sticker in 500 miles today. Picturss from Wednesday's journey below the fold.

Today's drive was continued on 2 lane roads across Lake Ozark

and Lake Harry S. Truman

through Tightwad Missouri a town of 63

with the perfect bank name given the current banking situation

Fun with the GPS

This is my first cross country trip with a GPS and it turns out that using "shortest distance" to find a route between small towns off the beaten path can be quite an adventure

Between Harrisonville MO and Freeman MO on the Kansas state line the GPS put me on a very narrow gravel path

over this bridge

it was the shortest route but not one I would have found using a AAA map. Without the GPS I would have missed the best mailbox and Obama sign combination of the trip so far

The "Don't Worry About the Dog, Beware of the WIFE" Dog mailbox was on the gravel GPS suggested shortest route.
I doubt many people get to see that mailbox and Obama sign but it proves that at least one Democratic wife in rural Missouri supports Obama and has a sense of humor.

The road less traveled across Kansas took me through Council Grove where these sculptures

graced the hill outside of town

Today I saw a half dozen Obama signs and ZERO signs for McCain in Kansas or Missouri. Once again no bumper stickers for either candidate.

As night fell a massive storm system bore down on Kansas from the Rockies in the west and marble sized hail brought me to a halt in Oakley KS. The lightning show was spectacular but I'm glad to be off the road and inside tonight.

Tomorrow I reach Colorado and the Obama campaign.

I was happy to see a comment in my first Trippin for Obama diary from Jared Polis. He or someone in his campaign reads DailyKOS and he was kind enough to comment there and I want to thank him for that.

I've traveled over 1200 miles thus far and I'm anxious to see the Rockies and get to work for Obama Biden and the Democrats in Colorado.

My next photo diary should be filled with pictures of campaign work in Colorado. In the meantime


Thanks for all the good wishes
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