Sep 6, 2008

NoWhere Woman Lies Again
PALIN(8/29/08)and AGAIN TONIGHT: "I told Congress, Thanks but no thanks on that Bridge to Nowhere."

Yes she was for the bridge before she was against it

But her carefully crafted "reputation" as the reformer is based on a blatant LIE.

Bob Somersby nails the Nowhere Woman and her LIE. This goes to the heart of the McSame campaign's deception. They want Americans to believe that despite the personal warts Mrs. Palin is a true reformer of great ethical character who will fight with John McSame to remove earmarks and pork from the federal budget.

The highlight of that claim rests with her assertion that she told Congress to take that bridge and shove it as Governor or Governor elect or candidate for Governor. That claim is a blatant lie.

NYT(11/17/05):Two 'Bridges to Nowhere' Tumble Down in Congress
Congressional Republicans decided Wednesday to take a legislative wrecking ball to two Alaskan bridge projects that had demolished the party's reputation for fiscal austerity.

Straining to show new dedication to lower spending, House and Senate negotiators took the rare step of eliminating a requirement that $442 million be spent to build the two bridges, spans that became cemented in the national consciousness as ''bridges to nowhere'' because of the remote territory and small populations involved.

The change will not save the federal government any money. Instead, the $442 million will be turned over to the state with no strings attached, allowing lawmakers and the governor there to parcel it out for transportation projects as they see fit, including the bridges should they so choose.

So this is a LIE on two levels
Sarah Palin wasn't running for governor in Nov of 2005 when Congress did away with the embarrassment of the Bridges to Nowhere by giving the $442million dollars to Alaska's corrupt Republican to spend as they wished. Palin didn't save American taxpayers a dime and if this is what passes for change and reform in the Republican Party the electorate needs to know about this NOW. Palin became Governor of Alaska in December of 2006 - that was 13 months after Congress disposed of the Bridges to Nowhere

Reform my ass. That's a claim from nowhere.

We need not dwell on the children, or even Trooper-gate when we can go after the bald faced lie told as she was introduced as McSame's maverick reformer. "I told Congress, Thanks but no thanks on that Bridge to Nowhere."

The American public does not like being lied to and the talking heads keep parrying the attacks based on the abstinence issue with "But she is a proven reformer who will cut pork from the federal budget and lower taxes." Not now - with this lie she won't fly.


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