Aug 30, 2008

DEBT is a TAX so where's the Tax Cut?

Every dollar spent by the federal government has to be gained from somewhere. If those dollars are borrowed from China to pay for oil or a war in the Middle East they are nothing less than TAXES deferred.

And those dollars carry interest which increases the TAX

Do Republicans actually think that debt isn't a TAX?

We cannot afford the fiscal irresponsibility of Republicans.
There is no FREE LUNCH - You cannot spend what you do not raise without incurring DEBT and INTEREST on that DEBT and that is what Republicans do well - they run up the DEBT and cost us dearly in interest.

Borrow and Spend vs Tax and Spend
Is there a difference?

Do Republican's actually believe if you buy on credit as opposed to paying for what you buy, that you haven't levied a tax on the American people?

When George W. Bush ran up an additional 6 Trillion dollars in debt he and his administration place a TAX on all of us. There is no way around that. IF you say you are delivering "TAX CUTS" to the very wealthy while you run up a huge debt on credit it's like you or I saying "We're not going to pay our bills with the cash in our box but we're going to run up the credit card bills instead and take out a second mortgage keeping our cash in the box under the bed."
The box seems happy because it is full
But the bills get bigger and the interest grows.

Seems like this is a simple thing to explain - and I cannot see why our Democratic candidates don't explain it just like that.

The BORROW AND SPEND Republicans have given us more and more debt

And that DEBT gives us huge INTEREST PAYMENTS that add to the TAX

The piper must be paid and giving huge tax breaks to wealthy Americans so they can afford TEN HOUSES now only defers that FUTURE TAX.

DEBT is a TAX - so there has been no TAX CUT under the Bush Administration. Next time your Republican friends prattle on about the great TAX CUTS they got from W you might want to point out the truth.
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