Nov 22, 2003

Rush Limbaugh hypocritical about drug use, rehab centers

by Joe Shaw U-Wire The News Record (U. Cincinnati)
Rush Limbaugh is back. Watch out. The conservative media tyrant and Republican blowhard took a leave of absence from his radio show five weeks ago to go into rehab and rid himself forever of the evil clutches of his addiction to prescription painkillers.

Mind you, he did not admit to his abuse until after rumors swam through the media. He kept his dirty little secret while going on the air, day in and day out, to rail against those who broke the law and used drugs, claiming they "deserved to be there."

Shortly after returning to work, Rush claimed that his five-week, intensive rehab session at a facility in Arizona was "a wonderful process ... as important as the first grade and maybe the second grade." Since when did drug rehab become a wonderful process? If the movie "Trainspotting" taught us anything it is that rehab is about as far from wonderful as you can get.

On his show, Rush constantly blames drug users and sellers for the problems that face America today. On his show in 1995, he said that the answer to this problem was "to go out and find the ones who are getting away with (drug use), convict them and send them up the river, too."

Limbaugh admitted to using drugs illegally, yet there he stands, thanking his fans for their kind thoughts and prayers. Why isn't he standing before a judge, admitting that he, like the millions he denounced, deserves to be sent up the river? Doesn't this seem a little bit hypocritical? Limbaugh doesn't seem to think so. In a response to such claims, he says, "My behavior doesn't change right and wrong. And just because I may have been doing something that appeared to be contradictory to what I was suggesting others do doesn't mean that what I was suggesting others do is wrong ... There's no hypocrisy in this."

Now he expects us to sit idly by while he parades himself as a national hero for overcoming his drug addiction. He expects us to feel sorry for him, to have compassion for him the way he has never had compassion for the millions of others who continue to struggle with their addictions. But this is not unexpected. Limbaugh has been an idiot for quite a long time and he'll continue to be an idiot for years to come.
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