Nov 13, 2003

League of Liberals member And Then...'s entry in the New Blog Showcase is Late Night With Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist And Then... takes on our own native Tennessee Senator, The Shame of Rocky Top. Rush Limbaughtomy is proud to make BILL FRIST "THE REPUBLICAN ROLE MODEL of the Day" in support of And Then....

Get ready for the next big FRISTING see skb Frist is pissed because SCOTUS got him out of our bedrooms. So Bill is thinking about a Constitutional Amendment to get back in.

This rich Medicaid Fraud already profits by abortions while buying votes opposing them. He's rich because his father founded HCA, the nation's largest hospital company that just agreed to pay $880 million to settle charges of health care fraud the GOP has simply replaced a racist with a corporate crook.

Frist was born rich, and got richer - thanks to massive criminal fraud by the family business. the Bush Justice Department suddenly ended a near-decadelong federal investigation into how HCA for years had defrauded Medicaid, Medicare and Tricare (the federal program that covers the military and their families), giving the greedy health-care behemoth's executives a sweetheart settlement that kept them out of prison."
Frist Gets Rich from Abortions While Trying to Outlaw Them

Bill Frist votes to outlaw 99.5% of abortions, good enough to earn him a 100% voting record from the National Right to Life Committee - and 0% from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. But Frist owns at least $5 million worth of HCA, a for-profit hospital chain that provides abortions, thus fattening Frist's own wallet, and that of his brother, HCA's CEO.
Civil Rights NAACP Rating of 15% Bill Frist voted
against sanctions for predatory lending abuses
against NAACP-supported education amendments
against technology centers for poor and minority communities
against expanding higher education grants
to decrease voting registration through purging voter rolls
against increased global AIDS funding.
National Hispanic Leadership Conference.. 18% (2001) 25% (2000) 0% (1999)
against bilingual education and supported education funding
against federal hate crimes legislation
strong community reinvestment requirements for banks
Labor AFL-CIO Rating: lifetime rating of 3%
against workplace ergonomic standards and a real patient bill of rights
to restrict the free speech of unions versus other groups on firm premises
against giving collective bargaining rights to police and firemen
for Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy for massive cuts in NLRB funding
against minimum wage legislation. (1999-2000)
Environment League of Conservation Voters: 107th - 0% 106th - 0% 105th - 27%
for drilling in ANWR against renewable energy
against increased fuel standards for cars (2002)
for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico & national monuments
to give President unilateral power to block agriculture-related environmental regulation
to subsidize corporate timber cutting in Tongass forests
to allow unlimited mine waste by corporations on public leases
supported cut-rate pricing for oil leases on public land
voted to exempt all coal mining operations from the Clean Water Act. (1999-2000)

Bill Frist's personal stake in the family fortune is unknown exactly (in the tens of millions), but his brother's share according to Forbes is $950 million... And how did HCA/Columbia get rich? Raiding nonprofit hospitals, dumping the poor previously served and turning them into profit mills for the family bottom line.

Oh. the Irony - Bush "welcoming" protests in Britain? He doesn't expect everybody in the world to agree with him except the US Senate on his reactionary Judges Next He'll nominate Judge NO Moore Accept Natalie's "birthday gift" to us "The Speech Bush Did Not Give" and wish Natalie "Happy Birthday" (a few hours late) while you are there.
Cast your vote for the latest plan cause you are either with us or against us Flashback on the stepped up strategy and stage the news one more time. SouthKnoxBubba has the plan.
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