Nov 13, 2003

Rush Limbaugh will be back on the air next week, still under investigation

Limbaugh is still under investigation according to Palm Beach sources

(West Palm Beach, Florida-AP) -- Rush Limbaugh has completed a five-week treatment program for an addiction to painkillers -- but that doesn't mean he's off the hook.

A law enforcement source in Palm Beach County, Florida, says the state attorney's office is continuing to investigate Limbaugh's alleged drug use. Allegations about Limbaugh began when his maid was quoted by the "National Enquirer" as saying she was her boss's connection for purchasing OxyContin and other drugs.

Limbaugh shocked followers of his conservative talk show last month by announcing he was taking time off to deal with his addiction. But now, he's coming back -- taking over the microphone again starting on Monday.

216 Days have passed in the search is it Time to Evolve? The Sesquipedalian is no Incipient Ass
He is For God and Country and "pretty much a shot in the dark most days..."

We Alway's Knew They'd Come Around and make Bush fear for his re-selection with More Lost Heart's and Minds Losing Faith with the Occupation.
So enters Stageleft like the Freeway Blogger
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