Oct 6, 2003

What's the big Rush? Mike Lupica rushes in
And finally, there is the damage control Limbaugh has tried to do, puffing himself up, as always. He did it for the show, he says. No, he didn't. He did it because he couldn't take the heat. If that doesn't make him a hypocrite, it at least makes him a phony. Now Limbaugh wants his radio audience to believe that one of the reasons he is taking this kind of heat is because he is the big, brave truth-teller who stood up to the media. It is as much a lie here as anything else.

Limbaugh? He wants to be the rough, tough, truth-telling conscience of America. But the very first time he gets hit, he quits on his stool. Even some of the Democrats he hates so much can take a punch better than that.
An interesting debate on Equal Time in the TENNESSEAN No need to wonder which side the Limbaughtomy is on.
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