Oct 7, 2003

Movie stuntwoman says Schwarzenegger groped her twice in three years

NUMBER 16 for Governor Gropenator

Beverly Hills, California _ A movie stuntwoman has accused Arnold Schwarzengegger of groping her on two occasions while she was working in his films.

Rhonda Miller claims that in 1991, during the filming of "Terminator Two," the actor held her down, pulled up her shirt and fondled her. She says he also took a Polaroid picture of her breasts. She says she told him he was disgusting. Miller says three years later, during the filming of "True Lies," Schwarzenegger pulled her down on his lap and fondled her breasts. She says she hit him in the head.

Miller, the 16th woman to make such accusations against Schwarzenegger, says she considered filing a lawsuit, but was afraid to. She met reporters in the office of activist attorney Gloria Allred in Beverly Hills.

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