Aug 11, 2003


Our macho hero a DESERTER??

Say it isn't so Ah'nold: ......."when he was 18, he joined the Austrian army in order to follow his strict diet. His stay was very short, however, as he deserted to take part in the Mr. Junior Europe competition....." from Absolute Ah nold
Seb at Sadly NO posting from Stuttgart is checking up on this story at the source

Ahnult dropped out of school and was jailed for his desertion:
Arnold trained seven days a week and for that he had to drop out of school and abandon the church. Besides training Arnold began a three-year apprenticeship as a carpenter. He competed in his first competition in Graz hotel and came in second place. In 1965 he enlisted in the Austrian army, and to compete in Stuttgart Arnold had to go A.W.O.L and for that he was jailed when he came back.

Ah'nulds "business degree" was from Wisconsin Superior by correspondence. Kind of like my 'Docterat in Brane Surgey' from Strasborg Secretarial Correspondance College fully accreditid by the YPAWPBS (you pay and we provide) Association. Any of you Repusicats have the Blahs and need a Limbaughtomy after reading this just let Nurse Ratched know. She has released our last patient for another run at the White House.
We did point out that although Ah'nulds English is suspect it is better English than is currently used in the White House so this find explains why GWB has "endorsed" the more macho Ah'nuld for "guvernator": This means that AWOL is trumped by desertion and my hero of T23D is a Chickenhawk Desserter from military service and would never make it on Operation Ivy Lightning

Visit this link to ex-lion tamer and read that Rush Limbo Mumbo Jumbo has labeled Ah'nuld as the GOP JOE Lieberman for Conservatives just as I indicate in the post below. Hell has frozen over - the Mumbo Jumbo and the Limbaughtomy are in agreement on something.

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