Jun 17, 2003


Now I know that I don't hold a small match to shine against the Bill Hobbs floodlight Still I will continue to illuminate the little darkness I can when he behaves like a small minded hypocrite. Today's post is another in a recent spate of bad offerings by Hobbs. Bill fumes and flames against Bill Clinton's receiving a nice payday for a speech in Japan. Of course Bill never knew about Reagans big Japanese payday following his term.
In Hobbs America it seems only Republicans are allowed paydays although this one for Clinton involved no US Taxpayer dollars.

That doesn't stop Bill from applauding big no bid contracts to convicted felon Republican interests like KBR and Halliburton paid for by American Taxpayers. Bill still hasn't responded to my proof of his LACK OF JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY shown by his TCS article post in the comments on SKB (read the comments) while he blindly supported the felons of Halliburton and their no bid open ended contract. Bill loves to sqawk about inaccurate journalism and the retractions he has caused. But he cannot even reply when his gaffes are revealed.

For more on that just scroll down to my Saturday June 14 item on Halliburton
Don't hold your breath waiting for Mr. Hobbs correction he is too busy bragging about how rapidy the blogs respond to correct his own mistakes.

Bill Hobbs added the following after reading my comments: Of course Bill just refers to me as "another blogger" worthy of comment but unworthy of linking to. What is Hobbs afraid of? Is that one of those Chickenhawk yellow streaks I see running down his back?
UPDATE: Another blogger, who I'll link to when he posts something worth linking too, sez I wuz wrong to criticize Clinton and that I "never knew about Reagans big Japanese payday following his term." You mean the one where Reagan was paid $1 million? Yeah, I never knew about that. Puhleeze. Of course I knew about that. It's why I joked about Clinton being a "money-grubbing ex-president cashing in," which was the basic charge the liberal media leveled at Reagan -
You see it is the fault of the LIBERAL MEDIA that Bill did not refer to the million dollar Reagan payday. What a crock Bill.
Whatsa matta Bill - can't take a little of what you like to dish out.?
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