Jun 17, 2003

BILL HOBBS NOMINEE FOR RTB A LITTLE MORE TO THE RIGHT should be schooled in BILL HOBBS favorite subject of JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY prior to acceptance.

It really sucks that on the day we add a new member to the Rocky Top Brigade that member posts a LIE about a fellow Tennessean. And I quote (Al "I Invented The Internet" Gore.)

Now I really don't give a damn who you vote for or support but to repeat the lie told so often three years ago is low and classless.

Al Gore is not a candidate.
Al Gore received a half million more votes for the Presidency than George Bush in 2000
He gracefully withdrew his name from consideration for 2004.
He is a Tennessean and deserves the truth if not your respect.
He never said "I invented the internet."
You are the liar in this case and you should post an apology and a retraction.
The Rocky Top Brigade does not need a member from outside the state who posts lies about Tennesseans who are not candidates for public office. We at the RTB should back up our posts with facts and references and require it of our members.

This addition has been made to the offending site:
"During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the internet.." ~Al Gore

You'll of course notice that his exact word is "create", not "invent". Dictionary.com states that the definition of "invent" is "create".

This post was intended to be a humorous jab at the supporters, not Mr. Gore himself. A fellow blogger has taken exception to this post as though it were detrimental to Mr. Gore. An apology has been demanded. Since no foul has been issued an apology will not be forthcoming.

A Little More to the Right is quite aware of the nature of his comment. He is now aware that he was incorrect. The Al "I invented the Internet" Gore label was meant as a slur the same way that Bush and the Republicans used it to question Gore's honesty. Everyone that reads it knows that is the truth. A Little More to the Right has proven himself incapable of retracting a comment that is proven erroneous as a quote and erroneous in it's intent. A Little More to the Right is unworthy of being taken seriously.

The true story about Al Gore and the Internet
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