Apr 26, 2012


This image is being sent via email by Tea Party patrons and Republicans with the following text 
FW: Clueless.....

Now is it just me, are both of them as dumb as they appear. I guess this could have been taken in a mirror which would screw it up, or maybe it is authentic. I would not doubt it being authentic!!!! Note both have rings on their ring finger and most likely on their left hand. I think they are truly clueless!!!!

His suit coat is buttened correctly, so it is not a mirror image.

These people are so clueless. They are not Americans.


It is obviously a digital photo that has been "flipped" or a scanned slide or photo that has been flipped cropped from the photo below or another photo taken at the same time. The occasion was the 9/11 Memorial in 2011 at the White House. 

The only CLUELESS people involved in this situation are the Tea Party people who offered this as the truth and anyone who buys into this kind of garbage 

This photo flip is very easy to do. 

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