Nov 4, 2003

WINSTON CHURCHILL is spinning in his Grave

WINSTON CHURCHILL is spinning in his Grave - This will make you puke!

The respected detested Claremont Institute will honor Rush Limbaugh dishonor Winston Churchill in Los Angeles later this month. The Institute will award the radio talk show host with its 2003 "Statesmanship Award” Hillbilly Heroin Award at its annual (Spin) Winston S. Churchill (in his grave) dinner in Los Angeles.
Brian Kennedy, President of Claremont, wrote, "Few Americans in recent memory have done more on a daily basis to sustain and invigorate destroy and eliminate a healthy public opinion in this country than Mr. Limbaughtomy, known fondly to us cretians as ‘Rush the Junkie'. In an overwhelmingly liberal reactionary media, Rush has brought to unprecedented millions of listeners a conservative lying bigoted point of view, year in and year out, on virtually every (in)significant issue, trenchantly, intelligently, wittily, and inimitably. The buoyancy hate and optimism fear-mongering that infuse all of Rush's commentary, the unfailing good cheer in a good cause that uplifts the spirits slanderous fabrications that divide, polarize, defeat and destroy the good will of conservative millions every day, are reminiscent the opposite of the irrepressible spirit of the man whose life we gather here annually to celebrate denigrate, Sir Winston Churchill.”
Past recipients of the Hillbilly Heroin Award have included Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Milton Friedman, Clarence Thomas, Caspar Weinberger, and William Buckley. WELL THAT EXPLAINS IT - WTF is it Now has comments

You can join Claremont and Rush Limbaughtomy in Los Angeles on November 21, 2003 - before the Limbo Mumbo Jumbo begins serving time for drugs in Florida.

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