Nov 20, 2003

Paris Hilton Pulls Out of David Letterman Interview

Nov 20, 2003 NEW YORK (AP) - Socialite Paris Hilton, star of an upcoming Fox reality series and an inadvertent Internet icon, is pulling out of Paris Hilton's announced interview on David Letterman's "Late Show." Paris Hilton's spokesman said no slight on Letterman was intended. He added that Paris Hilton wants to keep a lower profile because of the extraordinary amount of attention Paris Hilton's received from Paris Hilton's now-ubiquitous Internet porn video.

Paris Hilton said this week that Paris Hilton was "embarrassed and humiliated" that Paris Hilton's homemade sex video Paris Hilton shot three years ago with Paris Hilton's then-boyfriend Rick Salomon has been making the rounds online.
That should take care of all those Paris Hilton search visits.
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